Random thoughts about Cecil Adams (Good ones, of course!)

Cecil responded to a post in the “Comments on Cecil’s Columns” forum today. OK, I’m a adult, sensible, and should be beyond hero worship, but I still thought “Cool!” when I saw that it was him posting. And to a post started by a guest even. :eek: (OK, sorry. I’m getting classist there. Charter Members vs. Others. I promise I’ll behave better now.) But I noticed something about his post - He can still be pretty biting and sarcastic, just like the columns from the days of yore. And this is good because it means that things are running along as they should be.

As for other random thoughts - in the Classic Column today about LSD and possible birth defects:

From this and other tid-bits in past columns, it possibly shines a bit of light on Cecil’s past. Could this be a reason it is called Straight-Dope?

One last observation from a thread today. I loved the oblique reference to Cecil.

Slug always draws Cecil as a giant bird. Since Slug is one of the few people who has probably seen Uncle Cece, does that mean he really is a giant bird?

If I can get my credit unscrewed, and if I can save up money for a down payment, and if I can find a house within my price range and get a loan for it…

I’m gonna adopt a kitten and name it Cecil.

To be precise, it’s a giant turkey, which indicates Slug’s own opinion of The Master.