So, what's been going on? (or Poysyn returns from the dead)

Hello, I have been able to grab a few moments to post. Hello everyone, thanks for your kind wishes (my sister printed out the thread and brought it to the hospital so I could read it).

We are all doing fine, a few growing pains as we adjust to parenthood.

Nice to be back :slight_smile:

Polycarp has been banned for attacking Cecil and Manhattan in GQ, using obscenities and racial epithets.

MarkSerlin has been looked up in his Florida retreat and asked to serve as Moderator in Great Debates (with a promise of Administrator if he does a good job of keeping the over-argumentative riff-raff such as Triskadecamus in line.

Other than that, not much. You?

Also, turns out it was debb all along.

We have irrefutable proof that Ed Zotti is really Cecil Adams, and they buried Jimmy Hoffa on the same grassy knoll from where they had earlier shot Kennedy.

The Bad Astronomer claims to know that the moon landing was faked, Alice_in_Wonderland says she is flat chested, and it turns out that Lynn Bodoni is allergic to chocolate.

Manhattan now spells his name with an E. He apologized for not changing it sooner, stating that we had it right all along.

Oh, and Justhink has finally got his childrens book published, co-authored by Chumpsky.

Oops, I guess that really should be “HE buried”, since they are the same person and all.

My grammatical mistakes are the one constant of the SDMB.

Forgot one thing, the name of the book is “Green Eggs and Ham”, an original work. Here is an excerpt:

Thanks, I really missed you guys :slight_smile:

Poysyn, great to see you back! How’s parenthood? :slight_smile:

I found out that i have an evil twin.

No really…

Originally posted by ** tomndebb **

Bring it on! Just try to keep me in line, baby. You want some in line? I got your “in line” right here!


Parenthood is pretty cool so far, no complaints, she’s a great baby :slight_smile:
Hey, new smilie! :dubious:

Well, actually, I’m more of a radial kind of guy, preferring the Thunderbolt and the FW-190 to the Mustang, Lightning, or Bf-109.

And you have to learn how to hold the baby in one arm, so the other hand is free for surfing the SDMB.

What? Why do you think my posting is so sporadic? It’s hard to type with one hand while holding a wriggling baby. On the other hand, Aaron will be getting great experience at reading fluent Typo.