Strange diamond symbol made of two arches?

There is a building near me that is abandoned and half collapsed, it however has a large faded symbol or logo above the front door that looks like two triangle arches one upside down forming a diamond shape. The top triangle arch looks like it could be calipers or a compass?

Does it look like this?

What if I told you it was the symbol of a world-wide secret society?


That is it, I don’t think it had the G though. Now I feel kinda stupid for not knowing it was the Freemason symbol.

I guess they didn’t take in Trinidad.

It looks like the “G” is not always included. (I guess those are the Godless Heathen Lodges.)

And in the interest of correcting ignorance they did take, but I guess they have moved at least once.

We have one nearby. There’s a Circle-K with a stairs up the side…up those stairs is the ‘lodge’, I guess, of the society. Just kinda cracks me up.

Even weirder is that I see in various cities, the buildings that still say “Oddfellows Hall” or something. At least Masons sounds active and cool by comparison.

You wouldn’t rather be an admitted Odd Fellow than a member of an organization named for contractors? :confused:

Except I’m pretty sure the “G” doesn’t stand for “God”, but for “Geometry”.

… or “Goat.”

But Ben Franklin does their radio spots!

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K…

Not the “Great Architect”?

We may never truly know what the G stood for.

I’m an admittedly odd fellow.

Not quite the same thing, I know.

I used to be a member of a Masonic youth organization. I was told the G stood for “Guild”.