Strange Doper Dream featuring Polycarp and manhattan

What does it mean when I start having SDMB dreams featuring dopers I have never met?

I had a Doper dream last night, and the following are the only details I remember:

A bunch of Dopers were standing in a very long line outside for something. Polycarp was in line next to me (maybe this has something to do with him being next to me on the People Pages…) and was telling me that the guy who dumped me for Jesus (well, presumably for religious differences, anyway) was really just scared and was an asshole as well. Though I’m sure he was much more eloquent than that. :slight_smile:

Later in the dream I discovered that a moderator lived in my neighborhood. There was some kind of sign indicating this. It turned out to be manhattan (who, I presume, actually lives in Manhattan, not in the suburbs of Chicago). But he wouldn’t tell me that’s who he was - but I somehow figured it out. He had a wife and two kids and a bunch of trained snakes that he brought to dinner. I thought one of the snakes was going to eat my cats (yeah, I know pussycats).

So I don’t know what the hell this means, but I guess the important question is whether manny has a big snake or not. :wink:

Manhattan actually hails from Manhattan, Kansas, where he is employed at the Kansas State Agricultural College. He is in charge of the chickens and dairy animals.

[russian bread queue]
::God, is this line ever going to move?!? Hey Poly, what are we waiting for anyhow?::
[/russian bread queue]