Have any Dopers appeared in your dreams?

In this thread I described a dream in which SDMB’s Blowero had a role. Another poster suggested I turn this into a poll, because maybe it’s a more common occurence than I thought.

So what about it?

It happens quite often, actually.

I once had a dream where my roommate (KKBattousai) told me he was going over to aenea’s house. It stood out to me because I have no idea where she lives, and I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with her. I don’t think KKB knows her, either.

I also had a dream where Czarcasm, lawoot, Scotti, and I were touring Pike Place Market. But that actually happened. :slight_smile:

I’ve had dreams about the board in general, (like, it’s crashed, I’ve been pitted, someone has posted under my name and I’ve been banned, stuff like that) but the only other Doper I’ve ever had a dream about is Mudshark. Granted, I know him in real life and see him nearly everyday.

Its when the mods start appearing in your sex dreams that you know you spend too much time here.

Are you sure? :slight_smile:

One morning I woke up upon hearing Opalcat say:


This happened quite some time ago, and I’ve posted about it before. I had a dream in which someone said to me as a man walked by, “There’s beatle” and I replied, “No, his name’s Ringo now.” I’d never had any contact at all with him except for reading the thread in which he explained his name change.

I’ve had many dreams in which Dopers have shown up in my dreams. Let’s see:

*I was walking on foot to Ohio, to see Jessica2

*I’ve had two dreams about jarbabyj–the first one, we were walking through a warehouse that we were planning on purchasing to turn into a club; the second one, we were singing and dancing chefs that made lasagne out of human flesh that we fed to our enemies.

*Jadis and I were co-workers, and we threw M & M’s at each other.

*JoeyHemlock was spending Easter with me at my family’s house, and I showed him my collection of fancy Easter eggs. He smashed them.
Oh, I know I’ve had several more, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head.

Yes. Orange Skinner has.

After reading this thread, I dreamed that Lightnin’ was my partner on “Amazing Race”. And we won!

Yep. Lots.

But I don’t kiss and tell. :wink:

I don’t know any dopers very well, so I hope nobody is freaked out by this. :slight_smile: Anyway…

-Anthracite was smacking the crap out of me.

-I drove to Jack Batty’s house, but then he told me to go home.

-I attended a Doper Cruise coordinated by Esprix, who wore a sailor suit and a newspaper hat. :slight_smile:

-Costermonger Means Barrow Boy was cornering me while shouting insults.

-And there’s a sex dream, but no WAY am I gonna say who that was about.

Yep, lots, and considering the number I’ve met, that’s not really unusual. I have had dreams about dopers I’ve never met IRL, though.


I once had a dream that I was meeting Nen in an airport. That would’ve been okay, except at that time I had never met Nen, and I had never seen a picture of Nen. I just kept shouting “NEN!” and people kept looking at me funny.

My God… How… How did you know about… about the hat?!?!



Yes… but the question you should really be asking is if I dreamed it before or after it happened. :wink:

I dreamt that Coldfire and UncleBeer were telling me that I posted in the wrong dream.

I had a dream where I was talking to Anthracite. Slightly weird, because, although her personality comes through strongly in her posting, I don’t actually have much idea what she looks like … so, in the dream, her appearance was constantly changing.

it could have been worse. they could have banned you.

I had a dream about the whole Drain Bead and Satan fiasco. Very strange, indeed.