Strange Drunk Food Concoctions

OK, this weekend I did my fair share of boozing in some new surroundings. After the evening was coming to a close we decided to head to the local slimy diner for the regional drunk dish. I’m beginning to gather that every city and college town has a specialty like this. Some food collaboration that upon first reading sounds absolutely heinous, but when you’re wasted is quite possibly the best tasting thing ever. I’ve also noticed that the more gastro-intestinal distress it causes the next monring, the better.

My favorite and University of Illinois classic is the Haystack:

Here are the ingredients, its built in this order from the bottom up.
[li]2 Breakfast Buiscuts, halved[/li][li]Pile of hash browns spread to cover the entire plate[/li][li]Quarter Pound Cheeseburger Pattie[/li][li]Generous spread of shredded cheddar[/li][li]Couple laddles of Sausage Gravy[/li][li]2 Eggs, any style[/li][/ul]
You haven’t eaten until you’ve forced this puppy down after 5 hours of hard drinking. I’ve never eaten one sober, and I doubt I could ever finish this volume of food sober either. Each one is said to shave 6 months off your life.

This weekend’s St Louis version, a true colon cleanser is the Slinger:
Again, mainly consisting of a insestuous breakfast platter, here we go, bottom up.
[li]Pile of hash browns for a base[/li][li]Quater Pound Hamburger pattie[/li][li]Piping hot helping of chili and beans[/li][li]Some shredded Cheddar[/li][li]1 egg, any style[/li][/ul]
This one isn’t as heart stopping as my college fave, but it my be unmatched in the efficiency in which it sends you to the crapper the next day, 3 times minimum. Tasty, and best spiced up with a generous splashing of hot sauce.

Now, I’m sure every city, and every town has its favorite choices for drunk food, but I want to hear those odd concoctions that you would only consider eating drunk. For example, at Illinois and here in Chicago the giant Burrito is huge, there are probably as many Burrito joints as there are bars in some neighborhoods. The bigger the burrito the better, but Burrito’s don’t really fit the criteria here. There’s nothing odd about a burrito, and while you might not go to the crappy little dives you go to drunk for lunch one day, you’d still get a burrito every once in a while somewhere.

Tell me those odd menu items that the 24 hour place by you has, the ones that a tourist who might show up at 11 AM on a sunday would cringe at upon reading the menu.