Strange message

I very rarely get email notification of updates of subscribed threads on the Dope but did get one today advising of a new post in this thread:

with the message:

Eheim classic 250 external filter works best for me for my 150 gallon tank. and it did helped me to speed up the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle [spam link removed] process.

But that post doesn’t exist - the last post was in 2010.
Any thoughts?


Best guess. Thread revived by spammer. Spammer banished to the void.

Moderator Note

I edited your post to remove the spam link. And yes, it was a spammer that got booted, which is why the post no longer exists.

Ah, OK, thanks for the heads up.

Ok, but it still seems rather arbitrary how the system decides to send email notifications.

As far as I know, it’s not arbitrary at all but completely automatic. It sends a notification whenever a new post is made to a thread, regardless of whether or not it is spam (which it can’t recognize), as long as you subscribed to that thread. The OP posted to that thread, and must have automatic notifications on. Of course, it can’t tell if a post is later deleted.

Maybe it’s just me then. I’m automatically subscribed to every thread I post in. But I very rarely get an email notice letting me know that.

When you subscribe you have the option to pick e-mail or not. If you post and get automatically subscribed I think the default is no e-mail.

It’s also possible that the notices are going to your spam filter. Some domains view “” as a spammer (Probably because we do a weekly mailing) and so unless you’re checking the trap you wouldn’t see anything.

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