Strange St George Statue

Yesterday I was working at a nice little old lady’s house. She had a nice bronze Statue of St George slaying the dragon, standing about 24 inches high. St George was and the dragon were in what I consider the most common pose, ST G on a horse facing right with spear/lance down at an angle towards the dragon.

Upon closer inspection, St George had wings on his back and the “dragon” was a Greek looking man with wings. (long curly beard and toga)

She mentioned it was the symbol of some order Daughters of the (I do not recall)

Has any one ever seen this version of St George?
Thanks in Advance,

Is the bearded man wearing a crown? If so, it’s probably Diocletian.

When you mentioned St. George and linked it to “Daughters of the . . .” my guess was either Daughters of the Empire (here in Canada) or Daughters of the British Empire, which judging from their website has a presence in your former colony;)

Here’s their website:

Don’t know if that’s a lead for you to follow up on, but it was an initial guess on my part.

Are you sure it wasn’t St. Michael and Satan?

I don’t often (as in I have never) seen the Archangel Michael depicted on horseback…,_Georgia).JPG

Here’s what I was talking about.

Eastern rite (Orthodox) churches do not seem to have the dragon associated with St. George. Different set of myths, different iconography.

Errr, no. At least in the Greek Orthodox church, he is almost always seen slaying the dragon on horseback. I can walk to handful of churches and see this image from where I’m sitting now (and some of them are hundreds of years old).

And no again! (Sorry, I’m not picking on you). Michael is often seen slaying Satan from horseback in Greek Orthodox churches (and the wings would fit him). I’m voting for this, as the lower figure also has wings. The Diocletian suggestion is interesting, though.

Nor have I, but I can more easily believe the statue was of St. Michael on horseback fighting the Devil than of St. George with wings killing a dragon.

Shows you how much I picked up from four funerals at a Carpatho-Russian Orthodox church (Father’s side of the family) and one wedding and a baptism for Greek Orthodox friends.

Thank you for clarification, but **Soggy Biscuit’s ** image link *is *to a St. George killing a gladiator image. No wings in that image, but the cape may look like them.

(And I should check better to see who posted what before typing.)

Hmmm, this proved surprisingly hard to find an image of. I’d have had better luck getting in my car with a camera! Anyway, here’s the only image I can find on the internet of horsebacked Michael slaying Satan.

As you can, just about, make out, both figures are portrayed with wings.

Don’t know that I’ve ever seen Satan with a beard and toga, though!

Yes, this is a possible, and fits the beard and toga better. The problem is that neither of these figures should have wings. Osip, could you have misinterpreted the statue?

I like find the Archangel Michael idea. When I saw it (across the room) I thought Hey a St George! (I am a collector of St George and Don Quixote stuff). When I took the time to go over and look at it and noticed the wings I got confused.
Yes there are wings on Both figures. The figure on the ground was facing up towards the horseman. The strangest tid bit was that both sets of wings were bat like wings.
When I asked the lady what the statue was, because I thought it was a St George, she claimed that it was St G, and it was the symbol of some order or another. I did also see in another room many multiple framed certificates of Daughter of the revolution, Daughter of the Confederacy and about 5 other things… a few I remember as documention towards ancestory in England.
The wings are what confuse me the most, if it is an angel and a devil why ride a horse?
If is George killing a dragon (in the guise of a man) why the wings?

Thank you all so far for your help so far.