Strange vision phenomenon

Why, when you close your eyes after gathering berries, fruit, ets all day, do you see the image of those berries, fruit?:slight_smile: Have anyone experienced that? Or is it just me?:confused:

That covers one situation…if it occurs after gathering fruit is it called frutifruti?

When I did apple picking I dreamed of the damn things almost every night. I felt thoroughly cheated; I was fruit picking for 16 hours a day, but only getting paid for half.

The Tetris effect, perhaps?

I remember driving out here from Massachusetts in one day. When I finally went to bed, my mind was looking through the windshield and watching the highway speed by.


This happened to me when I was introduced to Tetris in college. I dreamed about blocks falling.

A couple weeks ago we did some jigsaw puzzles on vacation. One morning I looked out the window and unconsciously started looking for distinctive spaces of sky between the tree leaves so I could hunt for a piece that fit.

Interesting the OP mentions picking berries.

I picked berries for many summers as a kid. Making up to $6 a day!

And then everytime I would close my eyes I’d see the berry plants I worked on that day.

Other things like that happen from time to time now, but those berries were the first time I noticed it.

I think I’ve experienced a related phenomenon - that is, after regular or sustained activity picking berries that are initially hard to find (let’s say wild strawberries), they get easier to find - your perception somehow gets trained to be more sensitive to them.

And I wonder if that’s part of the same thing - once your perception is trained to spot hard-to-see strawberries, other stimuli might trigger that tuned perception and make you think your’re seeing them when you’re looking at just noise (a bit like deepdream and dogs)

Compote-ment syndrome.

Search image. (A phrase damn hard to google out of the false hits.)

If I’ve been reading a lot when I go to sleep I see the printed page. I can’t say I am reading it, but I do see the words. There must be a eyeball memory happening.

I experienced that phenomenon long before Tetris existed, only it was seeing lines of 6502 assembly code floating past my eyes in my sleep, or even when in bed awake but trying to sleep.


Try this:

Pretty cool!

Not remotely the same thing. These images last for many hours afterwards, are not reverse color, are not even static (you can get a “slide show” of such images). Etc.

Ahh okay, but from what some respondents are saying, there’s a visual persistence aspect to their experiences.

Vision does not happen in the eyes. It happens in the brain. The eyes and optic nerves are nothing more than a conduit for the brain to receive information–much of which it ignores. This is why you can “see” things with your eyes closed, or see things that are no longer there. To the brain, it makes no difference.