Strange webpage I stumbled accross

I was googling for a name and this page came up…

It almost seems like a collection of those phrases that are suppose to get past spam filters. Does that page make sense to anyone else?

To me, it looks like a dictionary, except with words substituted for others.

Besides the link you provided, you can apparently get it to work with any English word: .

Not every word. I tried about 10 common words, and about half worked. I can’t figure out the purpose, but someone put a lot of work into it.

There doesn’t seem to be a home page. If you delete the final word in the link, you get an empty page.

I’ve seen pages like this before, and they’ve been explained to me as “spambot traps”. A bot finds a link to this page and goes merrily searching through the links for potential e-mail addresses to send Viagra ads to; but since the pages are randomly generated, it’ll never stop looking through this particular website. It looks like “those phrases that are suppose to get past spam filters” because, presumably, the bots have some kinds of filters that let them look at only “real” webpages.

This is only what I’ve been told, though; I don’t have any independent confirmation.

Does the suffix ‘.nu’ refer to anything?

It means it’s registered in the Niue country top level domain. There are allegations an American company stole the registration rights for the country, which isn’t really surprising actually. There’s more around about that if you search for it.

Here’s a link I’ve found that seems to fit:

I was clicking around on the larger hyperlink words in the site in the OP, and I waited untill something pretty obscure came up to do a little test. The obscure link I chose was “bearing-rein”. I clicked it, and then hit Google. The OP’s url path was the 3rd top-level hit.

Did anyone notice the number at the bottom of all the pages. It says:

total: 0.55878806114197

except the number is apparently always different. What do you think that means?

My educated guess would be the time it took to render the page.

Man, that really is one wierd webpage (the original one mentioned). I don’t know if any of the explanations listed so far really satisfy my sense of it. The page quoted here is interesting, but I don’t really understand it completely, the idea of Googlebombs; and I don’t see its relevance to the original page in question.

The whole thing just reminds me of the first AI book I ever encountered, titled “The Policeman’s Beard Is Half-Constructed”, an actual text of prose and poetry (?) composed by a kind of algorithmic text-generating program named Racter.

Whoever he is “johlan” of the URL, has created 5,520 pages of BS. With this in mind I imagine that he didn’t put too much work into these pages - I reckon they’re auto generated.

It doesn’t work as a googlebomb, cause there is no central “theme” for google to capture - anyone of the phrases will be captured with google, but all of them equally.

I think it looks like a spambot killer.

Also, if you “view source” the HTML is a mess - no-one in their right mind would write HTML that looked like that, nor would MS Frontpage / Dreamweaver et cetera.

Auto generated. Definately.

Thank you. I thought I understood the “bomb” idea correctly, but as it was applied to the page in question, it made no sense. Your comment shows me I was thinking correctly.