I remember seeing a very odd episode of “Ironsides” when I was young. In this episode, Ironsides looks at a painting of a man, and hallucinates that the man flies out of the painting and floats through the air, calling to him. I remember something about the explanation later being revealed that a drug had been piped into the air to cause the hallucination. Was there really such an episode, or did I dream it? Anybody see it lately? Are they currently showing reruns of Ironsides on any cable channels? I’m wondering 2 things: What did the special effects look like - was it pretty cheesy? and what exactly was the plot of the episode?

Sorry for the thread title - my finger slipped and somehow it managed to post itself. It’s supposed to read “Strange Ironsides Episode”. If a moderator could edit it, I would greatly appreciate it.

I can’t help you with your question, but I did find this episode guide that does include synopses. Happy hunting.

None of the cable channels I get show “Ironside,” although TVLand did show various episodes back when they did “Fandemonium” weekends.

TVLand was showing it when they still had cop shows during most of their weekend afternoon programming. Dammit, I miss them showing Ironsides and Longstreet, for a while they were even showing The Marshal.