Stranger asking if we have a room to rent

Doorbell rings. I answer. Kid shows me what appears to be a college ID card, saying he’s been traveling for a few days- is on a sales internship (urge to put quotation marks around that) and is inquiring if I (or anyone I know) has a room to rent.

Would somebody actually rent a room to a stranger? I couldn’t believe he was actually trying this.

My guess, from prior experience, is that he’s one of these magazine subscription-selling kids.

Bizarre. (I said no)

You know, there used to be a Serial Killer that went around inquiring about rooms to rent, who them throttled any woman who showed him one.

They called him the Gorilla Strangler.


That was his name!

Here’s some links about him.

I’d rent a room to Stranger but not to a stranger.

(Unless he actually was on a train)

That is the oddest method of looking for a room I’ve ever heard of. Definitely sounds fishy. (Anyone with an actual internship should be able to get help through the employer or their acquaintances in finding a place to stay, I would think.)

I would put dollars on top of donuts it’s not legit–the kid was prolly lookin’ to case the joint. Later, when you were out of the house, he comes back and breaks in. Or he could be one of those magazine kids.

Yeah, when your gut tells you something’s wrong, something’s wrong.

I’m thinking of writing a card that says “I don’t read English” in Cyrillic or something.

Are you sure he wasn’t a giant cockroach or termite?

Every time I’ve seen this thread title, I can only think of the Orkin commercials.