Stranger in a party

Inspired to write this by Jim.

First, I’m the new guy, so please be gentle. Came here as a guest a while ago. But I’ve been reading SDMB more and more over the past few months, and I really like what I read here, so I decided it was time to hop on.

But I’m curious about YOUR first experience here. The only way that I can equate this is imagine that you keep walking by a house that has a great party going on inside. Damn, youd like to be in there. So you go in. Kinda feel like everyone is staring at you. It’s just a little unnerving.

Antbody else feel like that when they came here?

-= Steve =- :slight_smile:

No. It must be you. Weird.


I actually felt quite the opposite when I joined. I felt like the new guy walking down the streets of a huge city. Everyone was friendly enough and if you stopped someone on the street, they’d answer your question. But, no one knew who I was and I knew no one.

I’ve been here something like 6 yrs. It still kinda feels like the same big city. But now, I’ve gotten to know some of my neighbors and have made the news a few times so that even some strangers would recognize me.

Nah, I had no idea what I was getting into, so I wasn’t intimidated at all. Ignorance, she is bliss. :smiley:

My first thread, no gone, was made after a scant week of lurking.

Now gone, it was a masterpiece in GQ wherein I asked if I would be safe drinking my own pee to win a bet. (Yes, I would have been, physically, but I would have lost all respect from the folks putting up the $100. I didn’t do it.)

What kept me around was the strong sense of community, one I have never really managed to feel part of. Part of that is because I don’t start many MPSIMS threads. Part of that is because a lot of the older folks that I really liked have vanished over the years (Fenris, I’m looking at you!).

But, that being said, it’s still a party worth being at, if only because you can ogle the women, and try to cadge free drinks.

I just eased myself in, it started with wondering what the “H” stood for in “Jesus H. Christ.” I wasn’t really intimidated, I just lurked a bit, responded to a few posts, created a few posts, and began to get to “know” the people here a bit.

I’m not one of the more outspoken, high post count members but it’s my cyber home. There are people here that when I see a thread or response by them, I think, “Ooh, this’ll be good.” Then there are others that I think, “Oh christ on cracker, not him again :rolleyes: .”

Just don’t be an asshole and you should get along fine.
Oh, and welcome!! Have a drink and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

I was in a phase of answering 100s of questions for my 7 year old daughter and for the tough ones, I was off to Google. I kept finding some of the toughest ones answered in a witty and humorous style by one Cecil Adams of the Straight Dope and I started checking out the site. I went through the archives and at some point I responded to some articles and asked a question about dog hair. Therefore, with about a week of lurking, I had joined.

I wasn’t shy at all about butting my head into threads and only got it bit off once.

I think it was [this reply](http:// that convinced me to join.

Welcome to the Straight Dope and I hope you enjoy the stay.
See you around,

I’d read parts of one of Unca Cec’s books whilst sitting on my brother’s throne (It had to be one of the later ones). Once my business was done, just before I closed the paperback, I noticed the WWW address.
For some reason I remembered the URL when I was next on the computer killing some time, stumbled over to the boards and was treated to a most awesome dressing down of a troll by one Ukelele Ike. This was before the advent of the Pit. I thought of a retort he’d otherwise overlooked, signed up, logged on, posted my flame, got a positive response from Uke, and it was a *fait accompli * from that point.

I probably should have lurked a bit more. I joined prior to paid memberships, so I had no hesitation. I felt welcomed, although I did post a few threads in wrong forums to start with.

I was every bit as conceited and arrogant on post #1 as on post #6803.

I head butted my way in here after having a paid membership for a while but not really doing anything with it. I bought the membership to be able to search but I never posted much as I was bored with most of the threads here. I guess for me it was like walking down the street seeing two parties. One is a bunch of socially awkward nerds playing video games and trying to out-pun each other. The other party is a bunch of “eat my shit” frat boys with popped collars and rap music blasting in their SUVs. I guess at the end of the day I chose the lesser of two evils.

I don’t know why there seems to be this unwritten rule that you aren’t supposed to start threads or post two much right off the bat. You signed up and paid, you can do whatever you want. Ignore the cliques. That’s what I do. The dinosaurs can suck it.

Which was…?

You guys, duh. I love you nerds.

Thanks to all for the kind words.
I’ll have that drink now. Who should I see about that?

-= Steve =-

I’ll fix you a glass of the Macallans 12yr old if you like, or howzabout a nice frosty PBR, favorite drink of the pirate?

::stares at Octalcode through half-lidded, vacant eyes, mouth open, and occasionally licks lips::

I came here following a cross-post to another board regarding the death (or “death” if you prefer*) of a member. The outpouring of sympathy and support from this board convinced me to read more. And more. And then I started posting. The first one’s always free, they say.
*if you don’t know why the quotes, don’t worry 'bout it.


I vaguely remember some kind of debate about the Loch Ness monster at the beginning of posting here. I think it was the first place on the internet that I visited that didn’t seem overwhelmed by woo. I’ve also really been impressed by the quality of posters and the lack of text-message-speak.

Plus, the pie is good here.

My parents managed to collect all of Unca Cecil’s books. We also had an AOL subscription for a time, before actual internet managed to make its way to our neck of the woods. I proceeded to lurk for a decade before posting.

I should note that I’m 26 now. Anyone who was here back then probably participated unwittingly in the corruption of a minor… :smiley: