Strangest and maybe saddest thing I've ever seen

Left my apartment this morning just in time to see an older woman wearing pink from head to toe half-squatting on the grass next to the sidewalk. Her purse was on the ground and it looked like she may have been vomiting or something.

As I started walking towards, the Boy Scout in me thought that maybe I should give her a helping hand, or at least ask if I could assist her. That was right be fore I noticed that her pants were hiked down a bit. Before I could process this little tidbit of fun, a torrent of urine began cascading down between her legs. But not a focused stream of piss… it was going through her pants which caused a waterfall/shower effect.

The Boy Scout in me curled up and died as I walked past her as quickly as possible without making eye contact.

I hope I am able to age with dignity.

Do you live in my neighborhood? We have a woman who walks, but I have never seen her dressed in pink. She has spoken to me on occasion (our paths sometimes cross when I am walking the dog) and she has a Romanian sounding accent but makes little or no sense (except when she is asking if I have a cigarette). When I first saw her I assumed she was homeless, but she is always dressed in clean clothing and I have seen her in a car and also at the grocery store with a woman who appears to be a daughter or care taker of some sort. Our woman has unfortunately acquired the nickname of “the creepy lady” and everyone around knows of her…she walks the blocks from morning 'til night, and seems pleasant enough but for a couple of strange habits.

For one thing she always carries around a QuickTrip soda cup (I usually do too so I see nothing odd about that in and of itself) but her cup is supposedly used to carry urine. I told my own kids to stop spreading rumors and that of course she was not peeing into that cup in public- what an awful thing to say! Until I saw her do it one day. Right there on the sidewalk in a fairly busy and well populated neighborhood (townhouse complexes) she just pulled down her pants, positioned the cup and let loose.

I thought that was the extent of it until I was driving down the street one day and saw her walking. She stopped abruptly and squatted down while pulling her pants down. What I saw next makes me squirm to this day, but she wasn’t peeing. Instead she just squatted down and pooped right on the sidewalk. It was broad daylight, there were bushes where she could have had a bit of privacy no more than a few feet away, but she chose a spot on the sidewalk along the street. Icky.

I am sure she has mental issues, and I feel sorry for her, and sometimes wonder why she is allowed to roam the way she does when she obviously has someone watching out for her at other times. I do wonder if the woman I sometimes see her with is a daughter and if she is why she doesn’t keep Mom indoors or at least escorted.

I’m in Chicago - Rogers Park neighborhood. And she had no cup.

Ha. I live in Lakeview. Saw a guy squat behind a CTA bench on Belmont and Broadway not long ago. Took a nice, healthy dump right there at one of the busiest intersections in Chicago.

We should get these two together. They would be great friends.


The origins of 2 girls one cup?

Sounds like these ladies and men might be a little less self conscious then most because of their high alcohol levels. Still a sad sight to see… Especially first thing in the morning.