Strangest Duets

I was checking things out at and they are selling a box set called “Bible of OZZ”. One of the discs is called “Oddities and Duets”. One track is a duet with Ozzy and MISS PIGGY. Yep the OZ Man and Miss Piggy singing “Born to be Wild”.

That has to be worth the price of the set.

So, are there any other truely strange duets I should look out for?


I’d say the duet of Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing “Little Drummer Boy” was the most surreal I’ve seen. They show on MTV/VH1 during the holiday season.

I remember that. Didn’t they have a video that played on MTV about 10-15 yeard ago?

Let’s see, odd duets…

-Shatner and Rollins (well, Shatner and anyone really)

-Eminem and Elton John (never saw that but heard about it, is there a clip anywhere?)

-Damnit, I can’t think of a third one. Here would be the proper usage of that thing everyone is so tired of.

Gwyneth Palterow and Huey Lewis…

A rare one I heard was Jeff Lynne and Del Shannon.

One of my all-time favorite strange duets was Madonna and Anthony Kiedis doing The Lady is a Tramp on the Arsenio Hall 1000th Episode Special.

One particularly unnecessary strange duet was Tom Petty and Axl Rose doing Free Fallin’ at some awards show about ten years ago (MTv Awards? Grammys?).

One surpirisingly not so horrible strange duet was Willie Nelson and Kid Rock Last Stand in Open Country.

I saw that. It was Eminem’s “Stan” at the MTV… VMAs? I think. Anyway, it was pretty good. Eminem makes a reference to it ("…since me and Elton played career Russian roulette") in “Business” from The Eminem Show, his third album.

I heard a song by Nelly (the rapper, not Furtado) with Tim McGraw tonight. I can’t say whether it was good or not after hearing it just the one time (and even then, not very well), but it’s certainly an interesting pair.

Peter and the Wolf, orchestrated by Wendy Carlos, narrated by Weird Al Yankovic

Late Country diva Tammy Wynette and rappers KLF teamed up for “Moo-Moo Land.”

Actually, the song was “Justified and Ancient”. “Moo-moo land” was just a phrase in it.

Michael Stipe and Cher doing “I Got You, Babe” at a concert honoring Bono - not Sonny, but the one from U2.

Jackie Chan and Ani DiFranco singing “Unforgetable”


I’ve got all of the oddities and duets, it’s the covers I’m stoked about. Did you see he’s covering “Mississippi Queen”? Wtf? Weird bastard.


Little Nemo, I was just coming in to nominate that one. I saw this album at Borders, I think it was called “When Pigs Fly” and it was filled with strange covers, like Devo doing “Ohio.” But the next time I went, it was gone, and nobody else had ever heard of it. I’m glad I didn’t imagine it.

I saw “When Pigs Fly” at Borders. I decided to buy it right away before someone else came back and took it.

How about Cher and Beavis and Butthead (yes, it’s a duet since B&B are both voiced by the same guy) singing “I Got You, Babe”?

Or, John Denver and Placido Domingo’s “Perhaps Love”?

Or the muppets with… just about anyone who’s career isn’t singing novelty songs?


While Bowie’s and Bing’s duet is surreal… I kinda like it. I think Bowie does duets pretty well.

I’d like to see a Bowie and Sting duet. Several of 'em. I bet they’d create something very creative and haunting and cutting edge and pop.

Enough of that hijack.


Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffett doing Mack the Knife.

There’s also “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” by Frank Sinatra and Cyndi Lauper.

I have a tape of Jimmy Durante and Ethel Barrymore singing “There’s a Place in the Theater for You” on Jimmy’s radio show.

Devo doing a cover of “Ohio” really isn’t that strange. At least one member of the group (Devo fans, please tell me who) was a student at Kent State in May 1970 and actually witnessed the shootings by the National Guard that was the subject of the song.

Not really a duet, but a very strange collaboration.

Dolly Parton and Ladysmith Black Mambazo doing Knocking on Heaven’s Door with a reggae arrangement.

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them about it.