Strategy Gamer T-Shirt

I’m making a t-shirt (or possibly more than one) for strategy gamers based on a university theme. Here are some ideas so far. I’d like to get feedback on these ideas and suggestions for improvements/additions.
Name of University:**
Fourex University
Civilization University

Latin Motto:
Explorate, Expandate, Explotate, Exterminate (Explotate is not actually Latin.)
Explorate, Expandate, Exercerete, Exterminate
Motto / T-shirt sayings:**
“Our graduates rule.”
“Enter to learn. Go forth to conquer.”

A globe with a flag planted on it
College of Science “The world is our laboratory.”
College of Athletics “The world is our playing field.”
College of Leadership
College of Economics
College of International Relations


“Fourex” is a brand of Beer here in Australia, so probably not the best one to go with.

I’d go with:

University of Turn-Based Civilisation or something along those lines?

As for the Latin Motto:

Ab Pyroballistae fundo ab Gladius (“The Rifle defeats the sword”; I’m using on-line translators so I’m not sure how grammatically correct that is- Pyroballistae obviously isn’t real Latin but I like the word anyway)

The symbol I’d go with is a glob with a large crown on it. Ha ha, Megalomania! :smiley:

The various colleges:

College of Science: “Playing with Tesla Coils and Bubbling Beakers Since 1927.”

Leadership: “It’s Good To be The King.”

Economics: “Whoever has the Gold, Makes The Rules”

International Relations: “Don’t make us come over there.”

Mascot: I wouldn’t bother, personally. They’re twee, IMHO.