Straw in the Orange question

Ok… everybody has seen the Florida orange juice commercial where they stick a straw into the orange. Would be possible to actually drink/suck juice from the orange in this fashion?


I would think that you might get something out, but because oranges are segmented, you’d be limited to draining the one or two segments the straw had punctured.

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I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work very well. You get whatever juice was liberated by the straws damage, and that’s about it.

This was about 20 years ago, so there may have been advancements in straw or orange technology since then.

I just tried. The rind plugs the straw. Nothing came out.

I have a little gadget somewhere (most likely never unpacked from the last move) that looks like a small spike with a funnel sticking out of it that you’re supposed to be able to jab into an orange (or any citrus fruit) and squeeze to get fresh juice. Even though it pushes the rind out of the way, it still doesn’t work very well, as pulp and innards plug it up much too quickly. It’s much easier to cut it in half and run it through a proper juicer.

I grew up in Florida and had citrus trees in the yard. Of course kids will do anything that looks cool. It helps if you squash the orange and roll it around like y ou would if y ou were going to juice it. Also you have to poke the hole with something different; still you get a little juice then you have to re-poke the hole because there is much more juice that the pulp blocks from entering the straw.

Summation? It looks cool but isnt very effective.

My mom use to cut a conical section (small radius, but deep) out of an orange and give it to me. I would then squeeze the orange and drink the juice out of the hole.

Study negative pressure fluidics (or something like that) to figure out how plants pull water against gravity. Construct straw of similar properties.