Strawberry shortcake "frosting" question

I’m making a strawberry shortcake for Father’s Day - one of those two-layer with a layer of whipped cream and strawberries in between and another layer of cream n’ berries on the top. I know how to make the cake portion, but everytime I make the cream, within an hour or two it is ‘dissolved’, and the layers collapse. Does anyone know how bakeries make a creamy topping (not a frosting) and layer seperator that will stay?

Here you go. You just need a tad of unflavored gelatin to stabilize the whipped cream. BTW, strawberry shortcake – YUM! What kind of ‘cake’ do you use?

Just 3 layers of your standard 4 egg white cake recipe…

Other stabilzers that can be added to whipped cream are a pinch of cream of tartar, or one marshmallow that has been softened in a microwave for ~10 seconds.