Streak on My Windshield

Ok, so there is this weird streak on my windshield. It is about three inches long, and made of about three thin lines.

Right in my field of vision.

It’s annoying, and I’m going cross-eyed. And I can NEVER remember to wash it off! I get home and I think about other things and I don’t think about it again until I’m on the road and cross eyed again.

The other day I was near a car wash, and I thought, “Oh, I need a wash, anyway…”

And, of course, with my luck it doesn’t come off. I guess whatever it is, it’s really on there.

That day I actually remembered to do something about it. I got out the window cleaner and some paper towels and climbed up on the hood and scrubbed away. And it was still there!

Ok, now it’s time for the big ammo. Lighter fluid. This shit is awesome. It removes everything.

Nada. Won’t even touch it. In fact, I don’t think it’s even faded.

I’m thinking a razor blade scraper at this point. Of course, I’m out of blades…not even a dull one in the scraper. So I go a few more days driving cross-eyed.

I finally remember to get blades, and I go out with some window cleaner and the scraper…climb up again. I squirt and then scrape…I wipe up. It is STILL there. Oh, man. What in the FUCK am I going to do??? Get a new goddammed windshield over something that is probably turning out to be a SCRATCH???

On a whim, I dry-scraped it…I even turned the blade to the corner…thinking maybe I can at least make some tiny scratches into the substance.

And I notice something. The streak is below the scraper. In fact, it’s a good 1/8th of an inch away even as the blade is right up against the glass.


Fucking A…