Stream of consciousness. Go!

Greetings, friends. It is 3:15 p.m., and at this point I have been awake for 50+ hours. As such, my mind is somewhat relaxed, to say the least. I therefore feel like writing a stream of consciousness, and, as it is likely to be quite Mundane and Pointless, I shall place it here for your viewing enjoyment. (While I have it from a good source that posting on too little sleep is inadvisable, I figure this can’t hurt anyone, so why not.) If it turns out to be boring, you can always pop over to the thread I started a few hours ago where you get to tell me my hair looks stupid. Lots of good fun in that thread. Anyhow, stream of consciousness time. I’m not going to think about or edit anything I type from here on out, so it probably won’t make any sense. GO!

In a world where everything is nothing, there is always uncertainty as to which is your own ginger ale. Alas, these are the consequences of the times; mankind, I fear, draws nearer to his downfall, yet still, we look on in wonderment. What insights our own actions give into the workings of our souls. My thoughts reside within my head, yet out they flow, from my fingers to the keyboard, and from there, to you. We’re in this together, all of us, each and every one, and if we can but overcome our differences, these things shall come to pass. For which of us can truly be said to be alive, if all the world is nothing but a chemical reaction? Statements of fact are needless; irrelevant; what is, is, and what is not, shall never be; what merit, then, in discussing it? And if, within this chaos, there lies some grain of subtle truth, pray let us haste to find it, that we may better ourselves in the seeking. The time has come, and now is gone, but now it comes again; the cycle continues endlessly, humanity and life sitting as pawns within its grasp. Complacency inhibits abilities heretofore untouched within ourselves; left to rot inside our shells, they shall not see the light of day within our lifetimes. We perceive the world with but five senses, and note at most five qualities of that which we observe; what then lies beneath the surface of the commonplace, invisible, untouchable, tasteless, scentless, and silent? I speak, but no one listens, save myself; my speech falls on deaf ears, save for my own; I cry, but no one weeps except my lonesome; I die, for why continue all alone? Universal generalities mimic nothing more than local specificities magnified thousandfold; exceptions fade from view in wider perspective, and this alone is without exception. That which lies within the grasp of our own minds can hold no greater truth than that which we attribute to ourselves; in believing that our thinking is imperfect, we place no value on our thoughts produced. In memories, minutes outlast years, and instants are eternal.

Whee! That was fun. Apparently my subconscious is a pretentious ass that likes vague and irrelevant pseudo-philosophies. That’s kinda cool. So, anybody else care to post a stream of consciousness? Trust me, they’re extremely enjoyable to write.

Cinnamon and sugary and softly spoken lies… My left eye is burning ever so slightly… I need to finish going through these bills, talk to Dad about some binders, and get back with Dave about the insurance, maybe I can do that while I’m driving back or across the bridge. I wonder if the signal will hold up, maybe I’ll take the Causeway instead… It’s awfully hot in here, even with the A/C on… They were all in love with dying they were drinking from a fountain that was pouring like an avalanche and coming down a mountain… Need to go to Tampa to that Chinese store downtown, I wonder if it’s open past five… Shit, I need to get this bill paid out to TMP, I wonder if that one from Unisource is overdue or not. What am I going to do with the kids tonight? I’d just like to veg a bit… Nothing matters but the weekend, from a Tuesday point of view… Ok, time to pop smoke.

While your subsconscious might be a pretentious ass, mine is a boy named Juan who is actually an ass. Well, burro. It’s a hard lif e ebing a burrough, having just come back from a long trip to NYC wherein he learned that 1) NY is not the same as New York and 2) that it really did suck as much as other people said it would. Back to Brazil with a nice job as a pool boy for a rich, bored couple in Florida, theo nly thing that he doesn’t like about the job is the commute and the horribly, lonely bony fingers of Mrs. Appleson, the grand dame of the house. The one who likes to have her corns removed and placed in the field whereby she can hydroponically grow her toenails such that if the immortality serum fails, she’ll at least be assured of some nice feet for her funeral.

And what could be more??? TITTIES!

Fanaticism is not a good thing as things go, but of course one can think otherwise. I really hate this automatic nuanced thinking as it bothers the mind while a stream should stream unhindered unblocked by dams in the subconsciousr or superconscious what the hell I hate having to correct spelling. Runon sentences aren’t good either, are they. It is really a miracle to converse with people on the other end of the world even if they give a rat’s ass; who thinks of these silly metaphors? I imagine some guy in a bar - picture standard Southern environment - guzzling on his beer and trying to do his Clarke Gable impression, frankly I don’t give a damn and mixing it up and saying rat’s ass which leads to the spread of such a saying all over the world, but naturally that is too simple.

Well, that actually is rather coheren, at least not too different from my normal writing.

Dogs can basically be characterized by their big bananas. With the aid of our great leader Schwartz we will rule the universe as father and son. The sun is essentially a thermoneuclear bomb with a large penis, like in that Family Guy episode with the bear and where Peter went hunting with Chris on the day that he finally finished fourth grade. It might’ve been fifth grade, I don’t remember exactly how it went. Memory is epheminal, like ephedria. Amazon Floozy Godess is cool. I want some toast, like I had last night. Tempus fugit, necje !ambe3ekhitoe.

Butter and garlic is nature’s most perfect and sublime combination. Take some bread and butter and garlic, and it’s much better. In fact bread, pasta, rice, pork, chicken, beef, fish, shellfish,eggs, potatoes vegetables are all turned into a damn good food with the additons of butter and garlic, nothing else required. Other than desserts and sweet food, I can’t think of a food that cannot simply be prepared with garlic and butter and be good. This transcenant property of butter and garlic proves why Margerine and psuedo-dairy spreads are are an abomination before god. The perfect nature of butter cannot be approximated with any creation tainted by human hands. Lemon is very good too. I’d imagine 100 percent of things I cook contain one of the things, and 70 percent contain all three. Well actually I did think of one food; Salsa. Butter is really no good in salsa at all, so there is one non sweet dish in which butter doesn’t go, but then again I never said that butter and Garlic went in every dish combination, only that any single non-sweet food stuff can be made with butter and garlic, so it’s not a disproval. I wonder what butter and garlic on french fries tastes like. I’ve never tried it, but I’ll bet it’s good since butter and garlic baked potatoes are great. mmmmmmmmmm butter and garlic. :slight_smile: