Streaming Audio Recorder

Can anyone recommend a streaming audio recorder for a Mac (OS 10.6.8)?

All I am looking for is a basic audio recorder; bells and whistles aren’t necessary.

There are really only two things that are important to me (but please let me know if there are other things you think I should be aware of, or should be considering):

  1. the program is safe (i.e. the download doesn’t include malware, or worse)

  2. the interface is straightforward and, ideally, I should be able to record a stream with one click (and even more ideally, without having to leave the current page).

Would the Wondershare recorder meet the above criteria?

I appreciate your help! Thanks!


Have you tried Audacity? Kind of the standard free audio software.

I have always liked these guys You can try before you buy.

Since this is a hardware question, moved to IMHO (from Cafe Society).

I’ve used AudioHijack to capture streamed audio on my Mac. It will record anything that can be played out of your speakers. There’s a free trial available.