Streaming Live TV

I’ve finally dropped Directv due to cost and rarely using it. However, I do have a need to have the basics still. I need ESPN, FS1, AMC, SEC Network and several others. The more research I do the more confused I get. So, please tell me the pros and cons of the services you have purchased…Hulu Live, Directv Now, Sling, etc.


We have Sling.
I find that the quality is uneven - some shows (notably Shark Tank) have a truly hideous Lip Sync issue. Also, the sound invariably drops out for a few seconds just before the end of an episode (right as the next one is being buffered, I suspect.
But, it’s OK, other than that.

Just want to say that the thread title is not very conductive to a discussion. I had assumed it was a “WATCH STREAMING NOW!!!” thread and beowulff’s post would be a single word.

I am interested in the subject, however. Perhaps with two responses, it will attract more attention. In my instance, I am considering DirecTV because of issues with the cost and reliability of the cable.

PlayStation Vue has been the only service I liked. Direct TV Now had lip syncing issues, Sling constantly buffered, Hulu streaming was decent and I can’t remember why I got rid of it but I think it too may be a buffering issue. I use Firesticks on my tvs to watch and Vue has been the only one I’ve been happy with.

I think I’m leaning towards Hulu right now. Has pretty much all the channels I want except for AMC (only for Better Call Saul).