Street Scene

Despite my Ozzfest thread sinking like a stone with an anchor (41 views, 0 replies. Might I have the “Least Popular Thread” award?), I’m trying a new thread in a similar vein.

Street Scene. Anyone going?

I’m looking forward to Rock Kills Kid, Wolfmother, Bad Religion, Social D, Queens of the Stone Age and AFI on Friday. Saturday has…uh…TOOL. And absolutely nobody else I care about, but whatever. Gives me time to sleep in I guess.

Well, this thread will at least get a reply. I won’t be attending the concert, and frankly, I’ve never heard of the bands you mentioned. Can they play Free Bird?

From the link, I recognized probably half of the bands, but only because my son mentions them from time to time. Some of them have been around for ages and are very popular with the anti-establishment rock set here in Chicago.