Stressssss! (Not a happy thread)

I was considering calling this thread “My lucky shirt is mad at me,” after finding my lucky shirt in the closet the day all of this happened. But I want people to read it.

I Hate the law of averages.

One of my friends nearly killed himself. He didn’t want to, but he’s been very depressed recently. I feel like it was my fault, that I wasn’t a good friend. And I want him to get better. He’s been cut off from me and others.
When he gets out of the hospital, he’s not going to live with his mother (They don’t get along too well…), and his father is dead. So he’s moving in with me and my family.

Which I also worry about.

My parents are not getting along well. I don’t know too much about it, but my dad lies about his drinking (I thought he was clean for years…) and he’s taken to smoking again. I worry about them, and as it being a better environment for my friend.

Which brings me to why I hate the law of averages. I’ve been happy recently. Truly happy. And now, everything just seems to be going to shit. And with the law of averages, everytime I’m un/happy, It seems I have a period where I’m the opposite. And I’ve been reading Red Dragon (the first in the Hannibal Lecter series), and mass murder seems the only way out of things.

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Hon, it wasn’t your fault. Most suicide attempts are somehow a plea for help (or so I’ve heard), and the important thing is that you’re helping him out now :slight_smile:

One of my good friends tried killing himself last year, and I felt horrible, like it was my fault. I believe his exact words were something along the lines of, “Pammi, I love you. You’re my best friend. There wasn’t anything you could’ve done to help me before, because I wasn’t looking for help. Now I am.” He’s doing a lot better now, and all is good.

Maybe your family could do counciling together? Or at least sit down and talk openly, and work through some of the problems.

AND! And I’ve just found out I can’t go visit him on sundays without permission from the social worker… AHHHH! And I just got asked out… hmm… I don’t know how I feel about that…

  1. it’s not your fault. You can be the best friend in the world, can do everything right, hell you could be having sex with oyur friend, and they’d still be depressed. It’s a physical problem. Don’t worry about it. Just be there for them, try to help them, and if they are still depressed, worry, but don’t worry that it’s cause you’re not doing your part

  2. can’t help with your parents. but, it’s still a better environment than anywhere else he could be. You’re there to give him support.

3)Good luck. And I hope things start looking up.