I don't know what the hell to tell my buddy----

Ok, I don’t know if this is the right place to say this.

This is more of an “I don’t know what the hell to do or say to my buddy.”

Lately my buddy has been damn depressed about something that happened in his area, he lives in Chicago, you know where the protesters were, and he was bitchin about his “god damn piece of shit Ford” because he
accidentally hit the accellerator instead of the brake when he tried to screech to a halt to avoid hitting some of the protestors, and instead he rammed into a couple of them and now feels like shit. He said no one died because of it, but he still feels bad they were hurt. I ain’t big on counseling, anyone got any Idea what I can say?

Well, you can reassure him that no one died, keep tellin’ 'em that. And more than likely they were probably just pissed for a while. If he wasn’t arrested, he probably didn’t hurt them too bad, or you would figure the cops would have tracked him down. As well, he probably couldn’t have been going fast at all.

but I thought they closed down the area where they were protesting to traffic? :confused: I know for sure LSD was closed completely.


I’d say, “Get a good lawyer.”
Why do I feel the OP is a joke?

I’m with Violet … a lawyer, and go for professional counselling. But don’t go for the counsellling until AFTER you’ve talked to a lawyer, that might be construed as evidence of guilt or something.

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board, BigToad. We’re glad to have you here, assuming that you’re a legit poster and that this isn’t just a put-on. Since this topic isn’t really a “Great Debate”, I’m moving it to a more appropriate forum.

Yeah that’s weird, I was on LSD and I would have had to run over several police barricades (with police behind them) to even get to the protesters. Was this somewhere else?

“Gas on the right; brake on the left” strikes me as a good opener.

I never understood how anyone could pull such a maneuver until it happened to me – minus the soft targets, fortunately. I was pulling out of the driveway, my foot was hovering above one pedal. When I needed to brake abruptly, I slammed down my foot – which had been hovering above the GAS. Duh. Thank goodness the other driver was in the mood to show off his finely honed steering skills. No collision.

I don’t think this sounds like a joke at all.

I’m not very good with advice, but I think you should just tell him to go see a lawyer, then go talk to a therapist or something, all the while letting him know that he did nothing wrong, and it was an accident, and everyone’s okay.

Although I am curious as to how he got that close. I know not all the streets were barricaded, but I would think there would be sufficient protection— exactly to prevent something like this from happening.

And why didn’t we hear about it on the news? They’re broadcasting everything while nothing new comes in from Iraq. (I swear, my house has been like a press room in and of itself— the news is on constantly!)

It has to be a joke.


BigToad claims his friend lives in Chicago.

Have there been any news reports of a runaway Ford striking Chicago anti-war protestors?

It should be fairly simple to check.

Yeah, I was on LSD and the protesters looked like gigantic two headed multi-colored rats to me…

I haven’t known the guy for very long, so maybe he is screwy in the head. I chatted with him on irc in the computer channels, so we talked about mostly computers. Maybe I should steer clear of this guy? He might be a nutcase then.

You mean you don’t know? Jeez… I don’t think he quite qualifies as your “buddy”, then, does he?

Ok, whats your point?

The boards have had a lot of people with 1 post come on and make up stuff just to “get attention.” Actually, it’s not limited to a low post count.

And some of us are probably weary why you’re posting a thread for a guy you barely know.


Oh. Ok. Well thanks. Have fun. G’bye :slight_smile:

Did “your buddy” stop and help them? Get a ticket? Arrested? Spend a night in jail?

What do you mean by “lately my buddy has been damn depressed”? How long ago did this supposedly happen?

Have fun. G’Bye :slight_smile:

What do you mean? Where are you skipping off to, BigToad?
…psst… ladies and gentlemen, I think we have been duped.