Is there a way to get a strikethrough (word with dashes across it, as if crossed out) with vB codes?

No. You used to be able to do it with HTML, but you know what happened to that.

glo-worm, IIRC.

VB does allow the administrators to simply define new VB commands to stand for htm commands, which is how we got subscripts and superscripts. If you could demonstrate a real need for strikethrough, perhaps you could convince the powers that be to make a small change. But I wouldn’t count on it.

What we need around here are some bored insomniac administators.

They should make Chronos Supreme Smilie Overlord and give him administrative rights so he can do this insignificant stuff that the main admins are too busy to do.

Like he’s not entitled to a life of his own?

Geez, you ask a lot of your moderators.

your humble TubaDiva

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Hi! :slight_smile:

I’m back… it’s been a while.

Miss me?

Desperately. Whatcha been up to? Hope it was fun, whatever it was.

your humble TubaDiva
who is happy to see you back.

Of course he’s entitled to a life of his own, Tuba. I just thought it might be a good idea to have someone in charge of that sort of thing, and Chronos has mentioned that he has an interest in adding more smilies. I think it would be an enjoyable position that would require a couple of hours of work every few months or so. Of course it would be up to Chronos (or whomever) to decide if he would like to volunteer for such a job, if it were to be created.

Tuba, Lynn, and Dex keep busy doing very important things to keep the board running. They do a great job, but don’t really have time for less important things like adding smilies and vB codes. I thought it might be nice for someone without the usual administrative duties to be given the ability to do these things, at their leisure. I did not mean to create more work for anyone that doesn’t want to do it.

I would volunteer to do it myself, but I don’t think the administration would give those rights to someone who hasn’t earned their trust by being a moderator first.

Sorry if I sounded like a demanding ass.

Relax, please. I was being facetious.

Now that this is on the front burner again, bring me your smilies. . . or at least lemme know where they are.

They must be original work and the creator must be willing to affirm that it is indeed their original work and that we have the right to use it on this board at no charge to the Chicago Reader.

Lemme go see what Jerry said about how they have to be presented technically, I remember him saying they have to be transparent, among other things, I forget what else.

Put your smilies where your mouth is! :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

Just as an aside, the last time the discussion of added smileys came up, tshirts created a fantastic page of all the suggestions to date in proper transparent .gif format and everything!

Fenris, who really, really wants a :yuk: smiley

All that I’ve been “up to” is work, work and more work. And, no, it wasn’t really fun.

But, I’m back nontheless, and happier for your welcome.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Lemme look through this page of smilies and see what we can use.

I can tell you right off the bat we won’t be using any animated ones, though they really are cool.

I can also tell you that even though they’re cute as hell, we won’t be using the “KISS” ones, either; copyright comes into play here bigtime.

Finally, I need email from everyone that contributed to that page affirming that the smileys they created were their own original work and that the Chicago Reader has the right to use said work on this site at no charge. Gotta be straight up about this, gotta do it right.

We’ll use the ones that we find appropriate and technically feasible.

your humble TubaDiva