Stringbean is an odious, racist, sexist, intellectually dishonest crank

Am I the only person who can’t remember the difference between Stringbean and Green Bean until I read their posts? Unfortunate username overlap.

The warfare strategy is thus: make the campaign about the demographic groups and not about the candidate. Illustrated perfectly by this video. A venerable smorgasbord of demographic fairy tales, with the actual presidential candidate something of a side-piece. The first indication that this calculated endeavor has anything to do with Hillary Clinton isn’t until the 1:30 mark–two-thirds of the way in. Expect little interest from the left in Hillary herself; she is polarizing. Her campaign will seek to attack Republicans and unite minorities into the multicultural utopia promised by Obama. If she is short on actual policy, that’s a plus. The easiest way to unite all non-white males is not to offer specifics. Just point to the bad guys and continue to sell the fairy tale.

What the hell are “demographic fairy tales”? What “demographic fairy tales” are in the video? What the fuck are you talking about?

Welcome to American politics. I’m not seeing anything in that ad description that wouldn’t apply to at least 90% of the political ads I’ve seen in my life. The fact of the matter is, the best (ie, most effective) ads are the ones that pique your emotions, not your intellect. Blame it on God for making us that way.

Wayne LaPierre said that we’ve already had a ‘demographically-symbolic’ President and we don’t need another one.

Which bad guys were pointed out in the video?

Is it just me, or does it seem like we have more racists on the Dope these days?

I’m going to suggest we be a little more sympathetic to Stringbean. Reading his posts suggests to me that there is more to it than odious racist sexist intellectually dishonest crankitude, it’s really more of a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. He needs help, not punishment.

In which case, since disco balls are still around, your analogy is totally meritless. I didn’t realize how triflin you were being.

No, it implies that the recipient is furry, has a wet nose, and gives birth to litters of puppies.

Of course that’s not what it goddamned implies. Analogies don’t imply every aspect of the analogized object. Dogwhistle simply implies that a message is silent to most listeners only audible to its intended audience. It says nothing at all about the furriness, noses, litter size, or humanity of said audience.

And really bad at physics, too, which is even worse!

Yeah, when I first saw a **Stringbean **post I thought Green Bean must have suffered head trauma but then I realized it was just some blathering right winger with a similar user name. **Stringbean **is an idiot and his post are shit fulled.

The Age-Dependency Ratio’s New Clothes
The Princess and the Period Analysis
The Fisherman and his Net Migration Rate

I had no idea until now that if I dropped an object it would fall sideways though the air, rather than hitting the resistance of the ground.

A man traveling on the road to Jericho (Arkansas) was set upon by thieves, who robbed him and left him at the side of the road to die. Two psychiatrists were passing by and stopped at the bleeding man’s side. One looked at the other and said:

“Whoever did this needs our help.”

Oh, Nametag, you slay me.

In regard to the OP; Stringbean is not one of my favorite posters.

Well, to be fair, that would only happen if you held your hand under it. The object, sensing your hand, would move laterally until your hand was no longer in the way. Duh!!

But would this all happen at the speed of gravity?

[shrug] No more or less than Bill was. And pretty much our only real choices this cycle are going to be cynical career pols, or earnest RW nutcases. Better the careerist than the fiend.

Careerist and the Fiend
Careerist and the Fiend
One is calculating, the other unclean…

Band name. Mediocre band name.