Stripes and chip guard (auto)

My poor little Mini Cooper was hit by an uninsured deer. It’s out of the body shop now and it looks to be none the worst for wear however the body shop could not replace the chip guard because they want to wait for the paint to completely dry (cure) first.
For those not in the know, chip guard is a clear acrylic ‘sticker’ that covers the front of the car where the paint is likely to get dinged up from rocks when you tailgate people.
So I have to wait a few weeks for the shop to replace this chip guard and I got to thinking (dangerous), I always wanted stripes for the hood on the Mini and it would seem especially good timing since the car will be back at the body shop. The part I don’t get is, do the stripes go under the chip guard or do the stripes go over the chip guard?

It seems to me that if they went under the guard there would be a place at the transition where dirt and such could get under the chip guard (which would be impossible to clean out) and if the stripes were on top of the chip guard they wouldn’t be applies to the car and could possibly peel off.

Anybody have both on their car and can they tell me how this works?

They would normally go under the chip guard. The stripes on a mini aren’t very thick and the chip guard adheres well enough that the gap is probably not an issue, however, if it were me, I’d find a car that has both and see how it looks. If you didn’t like both, you could always leave the chip guard off and get the stripes.