Strong Bad's 200th E-Mail

Not sure if anyone else around here still follows Homestar Runner (what with that adventure game, they should be getting a bit more publicity), but today, Strong Bad answered his 200th e-mail. And it’s a rather amusing one. Apparently, he’s not the only one answering e-mails around here…

Opening song by They Might Be Giants, long-time collabs with Homestar and pals.

I haven’t been checking the site as often as I used to, but I try to keep up with new sbemails. Whenever I start to think it’s getting old and somewhat unfunny, I look back on the classics like guitar, japanese cartoon, the one that introduces Trogdor, children’s book, or the one featuring the song about all the things Strong Bad would change. Awesome.

I liked the callbacks to previous emails in this one, and anything that features complete destruction of computers is automatically one of my favorites.