Structural adjustments exacerbate the AIDS epidemic: fact or opinion?

My teacher and I were discussing the IMF, and its effect on AIDS. He gave me and my class this article to read.

Clearly it’s biased, and he didn’t try to hide that.

It does state that the AIDS epidemic is fueled by structural adjustments. This was a true/false question on my test.

The debate is this: Is that statement a fact or an opinion? That is, is it a logical conclusion or an interpretation of the facts?

I have to ask the obvious question. What is “structural adjustment?” I have never heard of it.

AFAIK, they are requirements the IMF gives when they loan countries money. Their purpose is to ensure that the countries will invest their money well so that they can pay the loan back.

Lengthy discussion of structural adjustment policies.

Another one, specifically concerning Tanzania.

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The logical question to ask, of course, is this: Would the AIDS crisis in Africa be any less devastating if the IMF DIDN’T loan these countries more money?