Stuart S. Piltch secret agent actuary - Whatever happened to this case with the fake CIA-actuary?

Per this storylinked another SDMB thread. The fartherest my google-fu got was that he had cooked up some typical con man sounding medical excuse (below)and then both he and the case seem to drop off the radar.

There is a consulitng company web site with his name attached to it, but it’s this amateur looking flash thing that’s almost devoid of real content.

Here’s his personal web site and resume.

Was he ever punished for this perjury? What happened to the case against Mercer?

Well there’s this.
Apparently he’s still holding onto the I’m a kinda-sorta actuary claim. Interesting that he got the general to do this wonky letter. The CIA claims they never employed him in any capacity.

From this source the lawsuit against Mercer Human Resource Consulting was settled in October 2009 (they seem to get sued a lot!). From the list of expert witnesses, you can see that Piltch was not used. It does appear that he continues to be an “expert” to this day. From reading his online c.v. I don’t see how his degree in history and American studies is consistent with his alleged deep background in game theory and predictive modeling. And to have the equivalent of an actuarial license he would need to know some pretty advanced math. Moreover, I’m always suspicious of anyone with almost 30 years of experience who still puts his GPA in his vita! So his background story sounds very fishy. Since it’d been really easy for him to get demolished on the stand by someone who did have the expertise, I’m sure that’s why he left the case instead of his excuse of a “dire” health problem at the time.

Ok, it’s starting to come together now. Here’s 500,000 reasons in the form of a gift to his school from Piltch that the retired USMC general wrote the letter. This is pretty fascinating. Gen Stephen Allen Cheney effectively took a bribe.

CIA denies employing key county witness

Aren’t actuaries all publicly licensed? Seems like it would be an easy thing to look up.

I automatically assumed that CIA referred to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries!

In Australia you can’t describe yourself as an ‘actuary’ unless you have gained the necessary qualifications from the Institute of Actuaries of Australia, or an equivalent overseas body. It’s very easy to check with the appropriate professional body if you have any doubts about anyone’s standing. I think the situation is pretty much the same in the US. Mr Piltch claims to have done alternative courses/tests that were equivalent to those offered by the professional bodies (presumably the Society of Actuaries, the Casualty Actuarial Society, the Canadian Institute of Actuaries etc). No doubt one of the US Doper actuaries can comment on how likely such a claim is. Not very likely would be my guess.

Such a claim is preposterous on its face. There are no tests equivalent to those offered by the SOA or the CAS. What would be the point of creating them, since the SOA and CAS already exist and exam creation is extremely labor-intensive?

I have to hand it to Mr. Piltch–most people makling up BS backgrounds choose something more glamorous than “actuary”. He found an underdeveloped but lucrative niche.