Stubbs The Zombie: What are the rednecks saying when you eat them? "Erminator"?

The game “Stubbs The Zombie”, sometimes when you eat a redneck’s brain he says something that sounds like “erminator”. What are they saying?

Gee thanks. Now I’ve got to go load up the game again to play it and find out.

Not such a bad thing though, the last few games I’ve bought have been lame beyond belief.

Please do! I imagine it’s something so obvious that I’ll smack myself.

It sounds like “terminator” without the T.

Checked it out yet Projammer?

My kid borrowed the disk… :smack:

I’m still looking though.

I just got the bright idea of recording the audio in question and posting the files.

I made two files, and uploaded them both to two different file hosting sites:

Found my disks and installed. Couldn’t really make anything out of your uploads. What level are you playing?

The uploads happen to be from the farmhouse level, which I think is the last level with the redneck militia guys, but they say it occasionally on being eaten on any level they exist on.

Interesting that you can’t make anything on the uploads, maybe it’s so obvious to you what they’re really saying that you don’t even hear my lame-ass attempt to describe it? In the first one I hear the last half or so of it sound like “ohhhhhh!!! (?erminator?)!!!” and the 2nd one start rights off with “ohhhhhh!!! (?erminator?)!!!” in the first second of play. It’s a somewhat clearer in the second one, I think.

Or did you mean you hear what I’ve been describing as ‘erminator’ and also don’t know what they are really saying?

Hmm… I just replayed that level and don’t recall anything sounding like that. Are you playing the PC version?

I’ll go through the level again and just make notes about everything they say.

Yeah, PC version.

Well. I’m going to have to thank you for prompting me to play through Stubbs again, but I’m going to have to admit defeat.

I played through the the farm level twice and heard the phrase at least a dozen times and I still can’t make out what’s being said. It does sound like “erminator”, but as you’ve said, that makes no sense at all.


This thread is gripping with suspense!
Have we considered a random interjection? Do all victims (in the game) ‘say something’ before death?

At my last moments of zombie death I would like to say, “Dave, kill me before I become one of them! And hide my porn! My mother…”

What I would actually say in panic though would probably sound like erminator

Speaking as a qualified UN redneck translator, I’m pretty sure I’m hearing “Oooooh, I’m daid (dead.)”

I’ll expect my check in the mail soon. :slight_smile:

Edit: “Oooooh. Ah’m daid!”

I agree with Ogre. In fact, I got it from listening to the uploads before I read Ogre’s post. I was hoping to be the first to figure it out!

Damn you, Ogre! Yore daid!

Oh I am, am I?

Well then, this is inevitable:

The more I listen to it, the more it sounds like it could be “Ah’m daid!”. But it didn’t sound like that at all at first, for some reason. Thanks all!


They’re saying, “Ohhh, call the exterminator!”