Stuck in the Middle (a depression related tale)

It’s been quite an emotional roller coaster week here. We had our Grand Opening for my business at it’s new location. We had our best day of business ever the same day as the party. My boyfriend’s mother decided that it was time for a power play and she didn’t want to bring him to the grand opening (he isn’t able to drive) and I was devastated. Then they finally showed up two hours later. The health department, long overdue for an inspection showed up the day of the party. (She was only there to schedule an official visit.) The health department lady came back today. (Everything went very well. I literally got a pat on the back and told good job from the inspector.) My antidepressant (zoloft) is NOT working. It’s an effort to get out of bed and/or move every day. And now, I’m sitting here on the couch. Usually I travel to my boyfriend’s house for the weekend and stay there; he lives about an hour away from me. For some reason, I don’t seem to want to go to his house. However, I also don’t seem to want to be here. Yet I’m afraid to leave. So, in order to feel justified in my feelings, I’ve decided to write them all down and share them with everyone on the Dope.

Thanks for listening. :frowning:

Sounds exhausting. Maybe crawl under the covers and nest for a while?

Congratulations on your successful Grand Opening!

It will pass.

Congratulations on everything that’s going so well. Maybe you can save all the positive messages of support you’ll get here, to read when the depression passes.

Because, it will pass.

Congrats on the Grand Opening and passing the Health Inspection (with flying colors, it seems!)

And I want to add: If the Zoloft isn’t working, please talk to your psychiatrist and let him or her know. There are enough antidepressents out there that you will find one that works. Just keep trying.

What they said.

Some people experience antidepressant “poop out.” In other words, that particular drug simply stops being effective for you. If your current dosage of Zoloft is no longer working for you, let your doctor know. Your dosage may need to be adjusted, or the Zoloft needs to be augmented with another medication, or you need to switch to something else. As **Swampwolf **said, there are many options out there.

(And make sure you’re taking your Zoloft consistently. Don’t ask me how I know that it can cause problems if you skip a dose of your antidepressant here and there. :wink: )

Congrats, and hang in there.

Thank you all. I’ve been just sitting here trying to decompress. I’m going to meet with a psychiatrist next week about getting into a new drug trial. Hopefully they’ll take me in and I’ll feel better.

Go sit in the sunlight. Maybe dig in the dirt a little bit. Pet a dog.

Even depressed people get genuinely tired. Sometimes, it can be tough telling which is which. Take it easy on yourself.