Studio Ghibli UK releases?

hi kids,

does anyone have English R2 DVD release dates for spirited away and laputa castle in the sky? i know spirited aways out in cinemas on 12 september, but after much googling i cant get any release dates for either film coming out on region 2 DVD.
i cant get my player to convert to multi region unfortunately, otherwise id have ordered them from the states.

and might i add that hayao miyazaki films kick serious arse.

regional variations seem to be a constant frustration for my bad self.


Here’s the website for all things Ghibli related (in English, anyway):

According to their upcoming release page, Castle in the Sky comes out in the UK on October 27, along with Kiki’s Delivery Service. No mention of Spirited Away, though.

cheers RobuSensei. was the first page google sent me to. couldnt see this page though.
look harder paul, look harder…

I believe Porco Rosso has a release date for UK as well. Man, I love that movie…