Stuff in the background on TBBT

Is the map on the refrigerator from one of the Dragon Warriors for the NES? it’s not from the original game, but it looks really familiar, I thought maybe it was one of the world’s from DW4 of something. I will see if I can find an episode on Hulu and get a screenshot, but if anyone DVR’d tonight’s ep., there are lots of chances to catch it.

The early seasons had a lot of City of Heroes stuff in the background. It was probably the only advertising the game ever got.

Can’t tell what it’s from. May simply be a weather map. Here’s a screencap.

I think it is part of some sort of false-color astronomical survey. Perhaps a flipped image in the general direction of galactic central.

But that looks so much like a little castle on the right. Oh well. But why would they have the same weather map every episode for several seasons?

Well, maybe the set dressers are busy doing other stuff. What they have works, why mess with it? Also, Sheldon is resistant to change.