stuffing envelopes scam

My son has shown me a form letter he got in the mail from “Supreme Mailing Services, Inc.” He wants to invest $59.00 since this form letter says he does not have to place newspaper ads or do any handing out of flyers or advertising…just stuffing the materials he is sent. Do you know how to read between the lines to get to the Pyramid part of this company’s offer?

Is this related to any of Cecil’s columns? If so, could you provide a link? If not, this really ought to go into GQ, not comments on The Perfect Master’s columns.

This is a very old and well-known scam.A Google search forenvelope stuffing scammight prove helpful.

Welcome to the SDMB. A link to the column you’re commenting on is appreciated. Providing one can be as simple as pasting the URL into your post, making sure to leave a blank space on either side of it. I presume this is the one you mean:

Can you make big money stuffing envelopes at home?