Stuffy, I need to talk to you.

Joshs’ aunt just called me yesterday and they have decided that after three years on nobody seeing him and almost 12 years of not having anything written on paper they are taking me to court to get set visitation.
As you know but others don’t, I have never had a problem with him seeing Josh.
He was the one who had a problem showing up.
Now the aunt has a bit of money from a car accident and has taken this upon herself to get the paper work filed so his dad has legal visitation and that way I can’t “hold Josh” from them.
I never did that. They can’t understand that his dad is the one who dropped the ball not me.
It is not my responsibility to call his father and remind him that it is his weekend.
If he loves his son and was that worried he would remember and be there.
I did tell her to go ahead and waste her money on it so that way at least I now have something on paper and when he starts missing weekends again I can hold him in contempt and that will show that it wasn’t I who dropped the ball.
I am upset that they got a “go between” this basically let’s his dad off the hook again for remembering his weekend. Someone else will be responsible for picking up and dropping off Josh.

I am very worried about what this will do to Josh. He is a very emotional child and I don’t want him set up for another downfall over this jackass.
Josh is almost 12 now and so I think he will understand a bit more than he did three years ago, but I am still worried about it.

It isn’t even his father pushing this but the aunt. And when I told her that even though I have never and would never hold Josh I really don’t want him around them.
She is abusive and has had jail time for putting her husband in the hospital. The other sister is abused by her husband, and the grandmother is certifiable.
I told her that I still had all the clippings from when these things happened and from when Joshs’ dad tried to kill himself and ended up in the nut hut. All court documented stuff.
She comes back with “well, I’ll just tell them that you are Wiccan and they will take Josh away for good”
What in the heck does that have to do with anything? You people are committing crimes against yourselves and others and you think they are going to give Josh to you because of my religious preference?
And who says that my children are involved in my beliefs?
According to her “everyone” knows what I do.

Gods, I could just scream!

Bummer. The court will probably let your son have some say in his visitation. After all this time, THAT’S what will be heard loudest in court. The long spanse of time. How does he feel about his dad and aunt? I suggest you hire a lawyer. It sounds like auntie wants to put up a fight.

Auntie is a busy body who never really follows through with anything.
But she came into money from a car accident and so this is where we are.

Josh doesn’t really know any of the other family members besides his dad. Heck, even his dad wasn’t wanting Josh to see the aunt for a while.
It’s just so out of left field.

And I got to thinking Mods, if this sounds like a mild rant please move it. I didn’t think it was strong enough to be in the pit but with this subject who knows what could happen.

Hey Kricket,

Sorry I just spotted this, I’ll be leaving for home in about 10 minutes. I’ll be On-Line in an hour. Let me know how I can help.