Stupid commercials

There are many products/retailers/services that I avoid for various reasons. However, lately a new donut shop has come into town and their radio commercials are just plain annoying. Although I love donuts and the shop is on my way to work, I will avoid shopping there just because of the commercials. I don’t give a rat’s arse if they bake the best donuts in the world.

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There’s an ad for Office Depot (? or Office Max, but who can tell the difference) which is all about how a $6 hair salon moves in across the street from an established place. So, in order to compete, the established place gets a banner made at Office… whatever… for cheap that says “We fix $6 haircuts”.

Except, that Office whatever’s big call-to-action is that they’re cheap. So, is cheap good? Or is cheap bad?


That’s Office Depot, not OfficeMax.

Let me present the most inane AXE Body Spray commercial I have ever seen. And that’s saying something…

Double Pits to Chesty

I hate ads for high def TVs. They all have these super colorful images and bad, upbeat trendy music, like this one, but they serve absolutely no purpose. Who are you selling to? Someone with a shitty TV in the market for a better one? If my TV sucks I’m not going to be wowed by your bright and colorful graphics because I can’t see them. If I have a good enough TV to to appreciate those graphics… I don’t need your product. Don’t people think about these things?

I hate the McDonald’s commercial with the guy who refuses to talk to anyone till he has his coffee.

I hate the Steak ‘n’ Shake commericals all together. “And if you eat it just right you’ll have a little bit on your shirt.” No you won’t. Not unless you’re a SLOB. Is that the message? Eat at Steak ‘n’ Shake if you’re a slob?

I wouldn’t eat at Quizno’s while their commercials featured those rat things.

When color TV was new, we said the same thing about ads shown on B&W TVs.

Oh, yeah, I have such fond childhood memories of that NBC peacock and all the beautiful shades of grey in its tail! :wink:

And “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Black and White.” :smiley:

The ones that irriate me are the ads for Sonic, where a couple of people sit in the car eating their food and making inane comments to each other.

The only conclusion I can draw from these ads is that eating Sonic food makes you stupid.

(Eek. I love those commercials.)

We have concluded that this is the way stoned people talk, so the message is “If you are stoned, come to Sonic”

There’s a Jack in the Box commercial that seems to market directly to stoners, and I kind of like it just because it seems so blatant. (99 tacos for 2¢).

I want to shoot the McDonald’s coffee guy, and their ‘é’ campaign was nearly as bad.

The new Staples commercial —>

Hehe, I know what you mean. Saw one tonight where they offer to take your old tv away for you and dispose of it! How about you SELL that perfectly good tv to someone who might not CARE about HD? <That would be me, btw, since I cannot tell the difference>

OMG no one has mentioned the Progressive commercials yet? I hate hate hate them. They are the only commercials that will actually make me change the channel.

Yeah, I don’t understand that one. It’s like they’re copying the Hardees/Carls Jr. commercials from five years ago where they were all about having messy burgers. But Steak N’ Shake has never been messy (except for maybe the Philly Melt). I miss the old clever Steak N’ Shake commercials.