Stupid criminal #53

This story made my day. On further reflection, perhaps he wasn’t as dumb as it sounds.

There was already this thread about the incident from yesterday.

The guy is really lucky because the woman/homeowner had 2 large dogs with her, I think they were German Shepards.

“Honey, it looks like we are going to be remodeling the bathroom after all. Yeah, it’s a big mess in there right now and the mirror is broken.”

I object to the thread title. Vaughn Johnson was #53, and is not a stupid criminal.

Trust me, there are way more than 53 of them. I may have seen 53 in the past month.

Shit, how did I miss that? I just saw the article in today’s paper. A mod may wipe this thread from the face of the planet, if so desired.

Dude wanted a shower; now he’ll get them, courtesy of the state. Seems he wasn’t so dumb after all. :wink:

Nuke it from orbit to be sure.:p:D

The update today is that they let the guy loose, and he fails to appear in court today. The cops then catch him loading stolen property into a stolen car. My guess is that they’ll keep him in the slammer until trial time.

Amazingly, there’s a relationship between doing drugs and going to jail.