Stupid game question

I’m not really a gamer beyond card games on the iPad & Zuma & Wordscraper on FB. But eons ago I was addicted to ‘Hover!’ and I’d love to find it again, if that’s possible. Is it available at all? My attempts at searching here for info got me nowhere, and googling got me one site that I’m not sure I trust.

We don’t have any external game systems, and my desktop I think is still running Windoze XP.

If you go to Wikipedia and search for Hover! you can read all about it and how to run it; sounds like it’s easy but I didn’t actually try it.

Oh geeze, I didn’t even think of Wiki! Thanks, I’ll go look…

Here’s an online version of Hover! Not sure if it’s the same game you’re thinking of, but just in case:

You may try to search at
I also want to know a zodiac signs or horoscopegame. But I still cannot find