Stupid House Rules

In the Kool-Aid thread I revealed that at 26, I was still a Kool-Aid virgin. In other words, I have never tasted any flavor or color of Kool-Aid. Like I said in my other post, the reason I never had Kool-Aid was that it colored the mouth, and therefore, was garbage. No honest-to-goodness nutritional food would dare color the mouth. I always wanted Kool-Aid and I was terribly jealous of the kids who ran around with big red and blue lips in the summertime.
Kool-Aid wasn’t the only thing I wasn’t allowed for a stupid reason. Play-Doh was a no-no as well…I might eat it or get it in my hair. Bubble baths were also not allowed…they were no good for my ‘down-there’.
Ahhh…fine childhood memories. Anyone else?

“I wore an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time…”

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Oops…you’re right. Sorry.
Actually, I also could have posted in the Unresolved Petty Bitterness thread.

If it’s any comfort, my brother and I were never allowed to eat sugared cereal at home. Naturally, this just made us think sugared cereal was highly desirable; I used to eat disgusting amounts at camp every year. I was well into my teens before I realized that it tasted like highly sweetened cardboard. My folks also tried to ban squirt guns (no luck there) and “inappropriate” TV shows (I didn’t watch TV much as a kid, and don’t now, but my brother would be watching Cheers every time they turned their backs).

If I ever have children, there will be NO house rules against items that aren’t physically dangerous. The more you forbid things, the more kids want 'em…

My 8 year old thinks I am the most unfair, unreasonable mom because I make him do his homework before he plays baseball/football/basketball, etc. I mean hell, he has his priorities and I just don’t get it!


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

While I was allowed Kool-Aid, I was not allowed pop with sugar, or sugared cereals (except for Trix occasionally, but that was because my mom liked them too).

Candy was pretty well out, too, except at holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but my parents kept a VERY close eye on how much my brother and I ate. Pixie Stix were absolutely out…until I turned my mom on to Jan Harold Brunvand, she believed that Pixie Stix would cause instant death.