Stupid Iranian Terrorist Bombs Himself in Bangkok

Blew his legs right off, the moron. This afternoon. The still-developing story.

So there were these three Iranians who rented a house in the Sukhumvit Soi 71 area and were using it as a bomb factory. Seems one bomb blew up today, causing them all to flee. One tried hailing a taxi, but when the driver refused to take him to where he wanted to go, he threw a bomb at it. Now, I can’t say I completely disapprove of bombing the taxi. Many’s the time I’ve wanted to do that to a cab driver who said he would not take me where I needed to go. (It’s illegal for drivers to refuse passengers based on destination, but it happens all the time.)

For reasons as yet unclear, he was still around when the cops showed up, so he lobbed another bomb at them. Which bounced off a tree and came back at him. That’s the one that blew his legs off. :smiley: Ho ho! Zany terrorists.

They caught one of the other Iranians at the main international airport attempting to leave the country. The third one remains at large. Speculation is rife that the Israeli Embassy was going to be a target, as the embassy was mentioned prominently after they arrested a prominent Hezbollah member a month ago shortly after he entered Thailand. Not sure if these two cases are related.

The Israeli Embassy is actually on the 25th floor of a skyscraper. Not sure how they would go about blowing that up. Carry the explosices up there? Or just toss them into the lobby and hope for the best?

I hope the Israelis launch an international, open investigation of this.
Yep, “religion of peace”, my ass.
It is like the somali pirate who had his hand blown off-he went to his (Russian) captors for help.
They told him to fuck off.

Ah, karma.

Israeli report in The Jerusalem Post.

To be fair, the Israelis started this round of blowing people up.

Iranian is a religion?

I imagine Tehran will accuse the Israelis of planting those Iranians.

Go back and reread the op, this time humming Yakity Sax ( the Benny Hill theme).

Now now, I’m quite sure the Iranian bomb factory was just for peaceful, humanitarian purposes.

Or George of the Jungle,
Watch out for that tree…

No one ever said terrorists were intelligent.

You know, we all laugh at this, but seriously, we have been very lucky that the bad guys are such idiots.
Imagine if someone who was competent was doing this.

If you find this amusing, you might like the movie Four Lions. It’s about a small group of Islamic would-be terrorists in the UK. It’s a little dark.

It also helps to imagine the 3 guys names are Moe-ammar, Larry-mar, & Curley-mar.

What religion are you aiming this at? I don’t see any religious overtones here; if any conclusions are to be jumped to, it would be that it was an act of political terrorism by Iranians towards Israel.

Silence! I kill you!

Whoever is blowing up Iranian nuclear scientists seem to have their shit together. Better training I guess.

Little known fact: More IRA bombmakers killed themselves with their own bombs than killed innocent targets. It seems to be a common failing of terrorists, regardless of their cause.

Damn! Beat to the punch with the Achmed the Dead Terrorist joke!

On a related note; Israelis have changed their minds about Iran having nuclear weapons and are incouraging them to lob them at anyone they get mad at.

Mo(hammed) obviously, but the other two are less easily translated to/from Persian.