Stupid Jesus Tricks

In keeping with this board’s spirit of enlightened and good-natured discussion of Christian beliefs, I’d like to point out the website “Stupid Jesus Tricks” at . Christopher Kink decided to forego posting various anti-Christian messages, instead he’s created an archive of quotes and links to the most offensive postings he found by genuine self-professed Christians.

Damn, David B.

You sure are a prolific curmudgeon.
Couple’s Faith in Prayer an Issue in Death

Hey, when you’ve been curmudgeoning as long as I have, your name is bound to be posted all over the web. I didn’t even know that was there. :slight_smile:

You know, Mike, that site would have more credibility ith me if they wouldn’t post urban legends as facts to pursue their goals.
and then:
makes me wonder how many of the other “sightings” are lies.

Then, there’s the wonderfully logical, “idiots believe this, so anyone who believes remotely similar things is also an idiot” ploy.


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Mmmm. . . worms. . .

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And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.


Well, I do know that several of these items are true. The George Bush quotes has been documented to my knowledge. And several of the links go off-site to actual Christian sites.

Just as you would not want someone to stereotype all Christians based upon the views of the extremists, I suggest you don’t judge the validity of this site based upon one error you found.

Oh, and I e-mailed the sites webmaster the snopes URL and suggested he take it down and do better research on what he includes as “fact” in the future. If I get a “fuck you” in response, we’ll have another hypocrite…

Yer pal,

It also hasn’t been updated in two years, so manye ANY response would be a surprise…

Thanks Satan. I tried to mail the thing but he doesn’t have the address up, just links, which doesn’t do any good on a computer lab machine.

I know that some of those are true, which is disturbing. But the choice is to check out every piece of evidence this guy has to offer or just decide not to accept the credibility of a website that posts untruths. This is not just about religion- There are many websites I will not use for research or arguments because tehy contain factual errors taht damage their credibility.

If people want to cruise the site and use things he has posted in arguments, that’s fine with me. But I thought they should be aware that at least one thing there is untrue, so that they can research the ones they aren’t sure. of. Otherwise, people might simply quote the site without checking into the information presented.

On a larger point, the guy’s position seems to be that because he has identified fundamentalist idiots, anyone who isn’t an athiest is a fool. And of course, he covers himself by saying that anyone it offends must be an idiot or have no sense of humor. That sort of thing is just low-class.


I found the site’s tone to be as shrill as some of the more offensive fundie literature I’ve seen over the years.

Too bad. We could use a site that dismantled the fundamentalists with their own words, but did it with logic, humor, common sense, and good cheer.

In that case, RTFirefly, you might be better off with Peter Gilstrap’s Jesus of the Week. A new Son O’ God every week! See the Manger Main Man as various artists have rendered him – no matter how silly the artwork looks.

And when you’ve had your fill of the ol’ Man o’ Sorrows, you can peruse these Gadgets for God – including such inspiring Christian items as WWJD underwear and a pre-programmed electronic church organ with an automatic “Amen” button.

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I’ve been wondering what to ask those people who wear WWJD stuff what THEY would do at a wedding that ran out of wine…

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My favorite line, supposedly said by someone looking at one of those little “What Would Jesus Do” bracelets: “Well, He wouldn’t pay $11.95 for this!”

The last priest I went out with had a WWJD bracelet. I didn’t know what it was until I asked him. Why would I know that type of thing, I’m a pagan. Anyway, priests are always good in bed because they figure it will be their last time and then they go and repent. I had a sex therapist friend who always had priests after him. I can think of several monasteries that are all gay. Anyway, I have been out with several priests and they sure have been fun in bed.

Sorry about the tangent. I just thought it was an interesting coincidence.

The links were funny on a sidenote.


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