Stupid lawsuit of the day

You stupid, stupid bitch.

:confused: Is it normal for manhole cover’s to be that hot? What about pedestrians? If someone had simply tripped, would we have this rant or is it a filthy skateboard thing?

I can guess why the company is not responding. No doubt they’re too busy laughing.

It’s like sueing the making of a fire hydrant because you ran into one and hurt yourself. Lady, just because you got hurt doesn’t mean someone has to pay for it.

“Stupid, stupid bitch?” You sure you meant to put this in MPSIMS?

How hot would metal have to be to instantaneously brand someone? I wonder if it was even possible for a manhole to get that hot.

I guess it’s time to Nerf the earth.

Indeed? She is scarred for life.
The problem has gotten worse over the years and Con Ed turns a blind eye.
Its about time someone gave then a wake-up call.
Sue them big!
There have been dogs badly injured, at least one killed. One person died as well. Some of the man hole covers are just very hot like this one, but others are electrified, due to poor or absent maintance of power vaults.
Not Stupid at all.

It’s hilarious how the lawsuit talks about …

Yea, the clear and present danger of manhole covers! Why, ConEd thinks they can just trot out mere millenia-old technology and just foist it on the unwary public! Obviously all manhole covers should be removed from all manholes immediately, thus sparing the public from any possible danger. :dubious:

Yep. Far too weak to Pit unless you want to start an ongoing “stupid lawsuit” thread.

She’s an idiot, plain and simple. If I were on the legal staff of Con Ed, I wouldn’t pay her a single penny unless forced to do so by the court.

I guess that I am still not getting it. Is it normal for a manhole cover to be that hot? Is it unreasonable to think that a surface where one walks/bikes/drives or whatever doesn’t have surfaces so hot that they can brand you? I get that it is the rage now to trivialize people that sue for anything, but I am honestly not getting this one. Please help me out.

If this manhole cover really was so hot that it would brand an image into someone’s skin, I don’t think the lawsuit is outrageous at all. If I fell in the street and received a painful burn and subsequent scarring, I wouldn’t feel like a stupid bitch. I would feel like a person who has been victimized by the careless and thoughtless practices of Con Ed.

It covered a steam pipe. Maybe some New York Dopers can help.

So what? Injuries happen. I’m sorry for her, but that does make the manhole cover company responsible because the cover happened to be hot that day.

If she had touched a hot stovetop burner and injured herself that way, would it be the company’s fault then too?


Which problem is that? I know jack about Con Ed. Is there an ongoing problem with manhole covers?

Not sarcastic, genuinely interested.

This is stirring some dim memory of me reading an article about “hot” as in electrified manhole covers in NYC (or it might have been utility poles) but I don’t think that is the same thing here. Naturally, I would think a steam cover to be hot, I am jut not clear if this is an easy thing to avoid or how the whole thing would work.

For some reason there are pipes with steam in them all over the city.

I really don’t know why.

ConEd man-hole covers are all over the place and people walk on them all the time. NYC is a pedestrian heavy town.

It is true that at least one person and a dog has been killed by electrified man hole covers in the city. This is due to Con Ed not repairing broken wires fast enough. They literally step on the MHC and die. Some people report that their dogs will sometimes jump off a MHC during a walk.

I haven’t heard of a hot (temp hot) cover burning someone before this but there is no reason the MHC should be that hot. I don’t think there is any way to tell what the MHC is covering. Actually I there is a little bit of everything under all parts of the street.

Really, you should see it when they dig up a part of a street. It’s pretty cool.

So it’s her fault the manhole cover was scalding hot? Man, that sure was dumb of her to fry it up and then fall onto it.

Sorry, no. If she fell and scraped herself, it’d be her fault. If the company has a pattern of ignoring these things to the point they become dangerous, she’s totally within her rights to sue. If the thing was that hot at night and if picunurse is right that this has happened before, ComEd could be at fault.

What was she doing skateboarding at midhignt, fer cryin’ out loud?

This is New York.

City that never sleeps!

Are you saying that MHCs only need to be safe during the day time?


That’s the best time!

There’s a skate park near here that I have seen full of skaters before, at, and after midnight. Great fun.

Maybe she should have gone there, instead.