Stupid Lines in Movies You Love

I hate the “What was his name” line in Shawshank and the “Grizzly Adams had a beard” line in Happy Gilmore.

Showdown in Little Tokyo: “You’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.”

I hate when Zephram Cochrane says

In First Contact.

Makes me cringe every time.

Thread over. Finis. Pack it up, we’re out of here.

Chronicles of Riddick.

“He’s not a man. He’s the Holy Half-Dead who has seen the Underverse and returned with powers you can’t imagine.”

Makes me smile and laugh every time I hear it.

“Careful, this kitten still bitesssssss.”

In the otherwise fun/mostly mindless Hugh Grant / Sandra Bullock vehicle Two Weeks Notice, there’s a scene where Bullock’s family is sitting around the table and they start pulling out highly relevant to the situation, in-depth Sun-Tzu quotes. They’re supposed to be brilliant lawyers, I get it, but this really stands out as STUPID.

This always catches me off guard and I have to sit and wonder if it was the movie or if it’s me…it’s the movie.

Full Metal Jacket. The recruits are going across the monkey bars and R Lee Ermy (Hartman) yells “It should take you no less than 10 seconds to negotiate this obstacle” which would mean that it should take longer then 10 seconds. I assume he meant “It should take you no more than 10 seconds…” and in the heat of everything said it wrong. I’m always surprised that it’s not listed as a goof on IMDB. The only reason I can see it not being a goof is because of one thing I read on one corner of the internet where a few people suggested that he said that on purpose to see which person would correct him. I’m not sure if I buy that.

Maybe to get a better training effect, he doesn’t want them racing through.
Like doing situps or pushups on a slow count rather than trying to trip-hammer them.

“No More Dead Cops!!!”

“Okay, that’s NOT good”

“Lock and Load!”

“I didn’t sign up for this!!!”

  • Basically every extra’s line from The Dark Knight.

Star Trek movie: “I will avenge you!” Ricardo Montalban shakes fist from around chest prosthesis as I laugh and point

That was the real him.

The entire Grade Z cheesy poem-read-aloud scene from the first Christopher Reeves Superman.

You can fly! You belong in the sky! Barf.

Good heavens!

I suppose I could still laugh and point at the line, but it won’t be the same.

Four Weddings and a Funeral: “Oh, is it raining? I didn’t notice”. Andie McDowell ruins another movie, job done.

Runaway Bride: “I don’t know where that [Fedex] truck’s going, but she’ll be there by 9 o’clock tomorrow”. Hector Elizondo, how could you stoop to such blatant product placement?

As has been pointed out, his chest is real. The actual problem with that scene is when he hugs the ostensibly dead body of his lieutenant, Joachim, played by Judson Scott. Scott, who has “died” with his eyes open, snaps them closed when being pulled into Montalban’s impressive pecs.

In Ghost, Demi Moore tries to say “Ditto” in a very emotional way, and it always seems super-lame to me.

One of my all time favorite movies is Wayne’s World. I wouldn’t say it has any STUPID lines (well, aside from the intentionally hilariously stupid) but it has at least one very odd conversation, almost certainly due to editing having cut out the rest of the scene, or something. It’s when Benjamin and Russell (the bad guys) are trying to figure out where Wayne and Garth are broadcasting from, they go to the studio, they ask the guy there (Davey, I think the character’s name is), and he says something like “that’d be priveleged information fellas, are you a friend or a relative?” and Russell says “we’re neither”, and the scene pauses for a second, and that’s the end of it.


As much as I love Big Trouble in Little China, Kurt Russell goes too far over the top with a few of his lines, and completely blows one of them.

The sequence where he’s arguing with the operator about his insurance company ("…of Sacramento" cracks me up, as that’s where I lived) is a little too histrionic.

At the end, when he starts the truck and the blonde says, “What was THAT?” his response seems lame and off the beat. “Six point five on the Richter scale!” is a great line, but it’s sort of lost in the editing and audio mud. Bugs me every time.

You know what happens to a toad that gets struck by lightning?