Stupid Macromedia Fireworks/Dreamweaver upgrade question

Where else would I go but here to ask these stupid questions?

I want to get the bundled Dreamweaver/Fireworks 4 Studio software from Macromedia. They say an upgrade from Fireworks OR Dreamweaver will qualify for an upgrade. I have version 2 of Fireworks, that came bundled with a scanner. I am assuming this would qualify me for the upgrade - but it just seems too good to be true! Would this older (bundled version) of Fireworks still be “good enough” for an upgrade? I have looked on Macromedia’s site for more clarification, but short of emailing them or calling them, I cannot seem to find any answers there.

Also, I have Fireworks 2 installed on both my Mac and PC. (The CD was cross-platform, and so am I!) I registered both versions, and the registration process seemed to go through fine both times. (But I don’t want to call attention to my cross-platformhood with Macromedia, but hey! They put both versions on their CD, and I have both platforms! So why can’t I register them?)

I guess I’m really asking - does Macromedia do what most software companies do with their upgrade versions? Just have the software installer look for an older version on the HD, and then install? (If they do, I am sure an upgrade would work fine for me.) I guess I want to feel sure that the upgrade will take before I fork out any money for the software.

Any advice would be appreciated!