Stupid Microsoft crapware

Up until today I was pretty pleased with Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.
All of a sudden 4 of them stop printing.
When you try to connect to them it takes 2 hours to log in.
Once you are in, everything seems a-okay, but still the printing doesn’t work.

Now I have tried finding solutions on the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
That must be the worst knowledge base on earth.
It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, you always get the same crap that bears no relation whatsoever to the problem you are encounterin.

Just wanted to get this of my chest, so in closing : fuck you Microsoft, fuck you with a clawhammer dipped in Salsa!!!

See whether this article helps.

Sounds like a virus/Trojan/DoS to me. What’s your load like? Got everything fully patched? Firewall working well? Got any IDS running?

No offense intended, but I know I’ve had a very bad habit in the past of blaming Microsoft for chair/keyboard situations.

“Stupid Microsoft crapware.”

Isn’t that doubly redundant? :wink:

Not coming to Microsoft’s defense, but apparently you’ve never used Crystal Report’s knowledge base.

I usually find it more efficient to search using Google for anything that I’m looking for in Microsoft’s knowledgebase, since one of the first few results is the Microsoft KB article I need.

Have you ever used a knowledgebase that’s not Microsoft’s? See, I’m a Microsoft girl, except for the last few months where I’ve been forced into the non-Microsoft “open source” world. And let me tell you, Microsoft looks like the Golden Fountain of Knowledge next to most of this crap I have to deal with.

I don’t understand how anyone in the world can complain about Microsoft after using the competition. This shit is designed for people who’d rather obsfucate and dig around reading code than actually get any work done. Hint: Javadocs is not a knowledge base, nor is it the end-all, be-all of documentation. Sometimes it’s nice to, say, describe your class hierarchy instead of making users guess at it. Coding doesn’t have to be a guessing game, it’s OK if you tell people how things work, and admit that your code is (gasp) buggy. It’s OK if it’s buggy; what’s not OK is hiding and denying the bugs exist and exploding in a logorrhea of techno-speak when someone asks a question.

In short, give me back my fucking Microsoft tools. Get thee behind me, Java.

Okay, thanks for the tips, but let me explain what the cause was.
After much research it appeared that the problem was a piece of Java software to monitor your Uninterruptable Power Supply.
The Java client used for this had an expired license.
Nothing showed up in the error-log and Windows just folded.
So, yes, I still blame Microsoft.

But yes, Java is actually king of crapware.
You wouldn’t believe the amount of troubles we encountered in the last year with different software running on different Java platforms.
Troubleshooting that is even worse.

Java is actually king of crapware? Isn’t that like saying C++ is king of crapware? Or are you actually talking about the various JREs? I’ll admit to seeing some shoddily written Java applications, but haven’t found this not to be true for other programs as well.