Stupid people piss me off


I’m really sick of all the fucking lazy people out there who think that everyone owes them something. People never want to take responsibility for their own actions, and expect those of use who have brains to wipe their asses for them. Well, fuck that. If you don’t know how to do something, DON’T FUCKING DO IT or, pull your head out of your mom’s twat and go out and learn how to do whatever it is you want to do. Don’t complain that you don’t know, because there are ways to learn anything. Buy a book, read the instructions, offer to pay someone to teach you, but don’t whine like a bitch that you are too fucking stupid.

These aren’t the only fuck ups that piss me off. The people who think that it is my responsibility to be nice to them so they don’t feel like the stupid, inbred piece of shit their parents created. If you are going to be stupid, you have to be tough. Don’t expect everyone else to give you a reach around because life decided to park its beefy bus up your ass. If you have a hard life, and don’t like it, do me a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP. I don’t care, and don’t want to hear about your little bullshit problems. If I cared, I’d ask. If you fall into this category, hold you breath until I ask, it should be anytime now.

The only other group that really pisses me off are the egocentric assholes that think that they have the right to tell me what is decent and appropriate for me to say and do and think. Since we live in the “land of the free”, I feel very free to tell them all to suck my balls. If you think that your life purpose is to keep people from hearing those 7 words that George Carlin warned us all about, you need to get yourself a fucking job. Tipper Gore, Jerry Falwell, this means you. There are more than 50,000 words in the English language, and the only one I find offensive is “censorship”. To quote a cartoon “What’s the big deal? It doesn’t hurt anyone. Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.”

Well, that’s my $0.02, where’s the change from my $20.00?

Everyone, this is my friend Nowalls99.

Nowalls99, this is everyone.

Nowalls, everyone, everyone, Nowalls.

Beefy bus?


The Man Who

A little rearrangement could almost make “swolloN”…

The Man Who, use your imagination, I think you might figure it out. And why Cordially? I don’t give a fuck if you are cordial or not. Say your piece and be done with it.

And Myrr21, you’re just jealous because you can’t fill a first grader.

I agree completely, and I hope I never piss you off. :slight_smile:

I give it a 8.5, but there’s definitely 10 potential. You lose points for not linking to a thread or telling a back story (sort of vague). Bolding and italics would make it better as well, but you’re new.
You’re a newbie with great possibilites, nowells. Welcome to the Pit.

Nacho4Sara, Thanks. I’m content with an 8.5 for my first rant. I’ll work on it, and the next one should be a little better. I’ll try again when I have something else to bitch about. Maybe tomorrow, that should be enough time for some stupid fuck to piss me off.

Stupid people piss you off, eh? You must be envious of their superior intelligence.

Change? I thought that was the tip.

Nice rant though, I guess no one can mistake you for noballs 99.

So. Asking you to listen to my problems would be, I take it, out of the question?


Nen, how long did it take you to come up with that? Do you feel offended, because you fall into all three groups I mentions? Good. Fuck you.

You know what pisses me off? People who think it is their right as an American to be rude and then bitch if someone calls them rude.

Of course you can excuse acting like an ass because the people you act like as ass toward are stupid, lazy inbred pieces of shit. According to you.

I hate censorship too. I reserve the right to call you a insensitive prick.

Welcome to the Board nowalls.

Biggirl, I respect your right to call me an insensative prick, and thank you for helping me proving my point. I’ll gladly take responsibility for my statements. If you disagree with me, that’s great, and leads to interesting conversations, but don’t expect me to change my ways to make you happy, because that’s not going to happen.

Anyway, thanks and I’m glad to be here.


Who are these people? How many of them do you know personally? How many of them do you say these things to directly?

You know what annoys me? The weak cowards who think that publicly insulting the great Faceless Masses[sup]TM[/sup] is going to win them some sort of prize. You know the kind, don’t you, nowalls? – Those pathetic fools who would never have the balls to take any action that might improve their surroundings but only whimper and whine when the big, bad world refuses to play by their simplistic, childish rules. The same worthless parasites that wouldn’t dare stand up and directly criticize anyone who might recognize their incessant buzzing an blubbering as some sort of insult and react accordingly. You know the kind of guy I’m talkin’ about, right, nowalls? I’m sure you’ve run into the kind of guy who would post a generic message board assault on the People at Largesup[/sup], the descriptions of whom he’s mostly made up, in hopes that his “tough” attitude will somehow make up for his complete lack of experience, knowledge or spirit. Know anyone like that, nowalls?

If you’d take a moment to pull your head out of your ass, the world around you will stop looking so much like shit.

Nice rant. Welcome to the SDMB.

Choosing the road less lewd…
With what? My ego?

“Tits. That shouldn’t even be on the list. It sounds like a snack”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Allow me to hold your hand through this little Pit escapade.

I only had to read about three sentences before I composed my response. Reading the rest of your tripe only confirmed my original deduction. Am I offended? No. Am I surprised that you would make unfounded assupmtions about me? Considering the pathetic nature of your post, again I must answer, “No.”

Before delving into an analysis of the drivel you have asserted in this alleged “rant,” let’s pause to discuss your skill in the realm of enumeration. You have stated that you have problems with three groups of people:

  1. Stupid people
  2. Stupid people
  3. Egocentric people

Let’s bring this down to the educational level of a toddler for a moment. Read along, “One, two, three.” Do you understand? At this juncture, perhaps you have noticed that items one and two are identical. Take a refresher course in kindergarten mathematics, and return when you have mastered the topic.

You are the case in point. This alleged rant is hardly even Pit-worthy. Where is the art? Where is the panache? For that matter, where is the coherent thought? Perhaps you should read the rants of other members prior to making a second attempt at constructing a rant. Yes, that’s it, learn how it is done.

Maybe if I start feeling nice toward stupid people, I’ll inform them that a verb is a necessary component for a sentence.

You must think that hypocrisy is a virtue. Do you think the Teeming Millions “want to hear about your little bullshit problems?” Did the dopers ask about them? Are you holding your breath yet?

Doesn’t this statement seem incongruent with the following:

Do you sense just a bit of contradiction?

Finally, you have presented a fact. There are also more than 98,600 headwords and a total of 7.5 million words in the Shorter OED. That tidbit of information is solely for your personal edification.

Perhaps you will reconsider the what it means to make a valuble contribution to the board and to fight ignorance rather than spread it.

nowalls99, welcome to the Pit.

Man, that is a funny line!

Arrogant people piss me off :frowning:

I’m saying 17, 18?

What’s that smell? Ah, smells like teen spirit.

And the smell of angst wafts through the air with a crispness not unlike gingerbread baking in Grandma’s oven.

As a good friend of mine says, “No sense being an asshole if you can’t show it.”

Yo, elevenmorethanme:

Jeez, keep it down, you’ll queer the deal here. I’ve made a pretty good living helping out people who don’t know how to do things for themselves (like write an operating manual, work a computer, or take a photograph, f’rinstance).

BTW, isn’t it great that you’ve managed to stumble onto this forum, where you can pepper unnamed people with insults that, in real life, would get your zit-scarred, slackjawed face pounded through the back of your pointy little head?