Stupid Pictionary answers

Inspired by this thread, I thought it would be fun to share some of the more idiotic responses you’ve heard to Pictionary (or Taboo, or what have you) games.

My favorites from playing with my extended family:

The word: jellybean.
The responses: Jam bean! Bean jam! Jam bean! Bean jam! Gaaaahhh! What is it? What? Jam. Bean. Bean. Jam. I don’t understand.

The word: amoeba (To be fair, the drawer drew more of a paramecium-looking thing).
The response: Hairy potato!

This doesn’t directly address what you’re talking about, but it involves Pictionary.

I was playing this with a group several Christmases ago. The word I got was HORSE. So I started drawing a horse.

Or I should say that I attempted to draw a stick figurish type horse body, and then tried to draw a horse face (long nose, big teeth, etc.).

Needless to say, with my lack of artistic skill, they never figured it out. When they found out the word was HORSE, my friend started hysterically laughing.

She pinned the picture on her fridge, where it remained for at least a couple of years. A tribute to my horrendous drawing abilities.

But really, some of the things that come out when you’re trying to guess! You know it doesn’t make sense, but …

This doesn’t really count as a “stupid answer,” but I still have to share. Last weekend, a bunch of us were playing Pictionary, and one of my friends had to draw “Bill Clinton.” Well, he drew a splendid rendition of Bill and Monica, umm, enjoying one another’s company :slight_smile: We were all just sitting there, thinking, “Oral sex? Pictionary can’t have oral sex as a word, can it?” We figured it out when he drew a U.S. map and pointed at DC too.

[When Harry Met Sally] Baby fishmouth! Baby fishmouth! [/WHMS]


[sub]Um, scout? Your friend pinned the picture on her fridge?[/sub]

When I play Pictionary with my family, my usual partner is my sister, who’s six years my junior. Once we decided to mix up partners a little, and I wound up playing with my dad.

My turn to draw, and the word was “Mecca”. Now I was used to having my little sister for a partner, so the first thing that popped in my mind was - well - I drew Jomby the genie from Pee-wee’s Playhouse, and dammit, it was a GOOD drawing. Head with a turban in a box and a mighty fine rendition of Pee-Wee standing nearby. All within a minute. I was so proud! Then I drew a word bubble from Jomby’s mouth - those who watched the show know he’d chant “Mecca lekka hi mecca hiney ho” to grant a wish. My dad just stared at it, stared at me, and said in disgust, “What the hell is that?!” Time ran out, and I showed it to my sister. She wouldn’t have stood a chance if I drew a praying guy and a compass, but with this she immediately shouted, “Mecca lekka hi mecca hiney ho!” Made the one-word sign, and she got it, no problem.

That is why my sister and I are unbeaten.

Um, magneted it, not actually attaching it with a pin, if that’s what you’re getting at.

But yes, she did display my “handiwork” such as it was.

That is actually what I was getting at. I was picturing a corkboard refrigerator, and thinking, “Cool! Where can I get one of those?” :slight_smile:

Udders - What did we get? A cow with two perfectly formed D-cups! The game just about stopped we couldn’t stop laughing.

In a psychotic version of charades (for an improv-comedy type show) I once had to do “Occupy”. The audience knew I had no chance, yet here’s a rough estimate of the path I lead my teammates down:

“An airplane, it’s an airplane… Ok, you’re on the airplane… you’re getting up, you’re going to a different part of the airplane, opening a door… You’re going to the bathroom, and locking the door…A sign, a sign lights up… Occupied? Occupy!”

What made it perfect was that the audience knew exactly what I was going for as soon as I started, and laughed at each step I went through to get there because they knew what was coming next, while simulatiously going “Yeah, I guess that IS the right way to get occupy” to themselves.

A similar progression occured in a different show, for “Cheese Wiz”. I milked the cow, churned the milk (which got them to say “butter”, of course, but they eventually got cheese), then took the cheese and put it into the “microwave” and poured it on something. I think I ran out of time on that one, though.


I was playing Pictonary with a bunch of friends and my friend Keith had the word “gazebo”. He drew a line-perfect, beautifully detailed, entirely recognizable…


ARgh, one of my most embarrassing moments.

My sister drew a guy with a crown and a robe, and then she drew a bed…and for some inexplicable reason I couldn’t come up with the phrase KING SIZE BED. I was so mortified. Here I was, saying “Bed king. King of the bed” etc. What a maroon.

This one was a stupid answer resulted in a win. My brother and I were in our early twenties, and we were playing with a bunch of older family members, including my grandmother, my mom, my aunt, and my aunt’s best friend. The word was “condominium.”

It’s obvious that you want to go for the first two syllables first, but my bro drew an apartment building instead. Just didn’t want to draw dirty pictures in the company we were in. But everyone else at the table was going for the obvious.

My aunt was drawing, and her friend was shouting out answers. Apparently the drawing wasn’t real detailed, but all the parts were there. The friend had no idea what it was. Suddenly she yells, at the top of her lungs, “It’s a mushroom with wheels!!”

All those who knew the word or were looking at a similar drawing fell off their chairs laughing. By the time they’d recovered, my aunt and her friend had come up with the correct answer.

I doubt anyone else will think this is funny, but it was one of the most hilarious moments of my childhood.

My best friend Jessica (11), my older brother Keith (10) and I (8) were hanging out, playing Outburst Jr. In that game, you give a category and the person yells out as many words as possible that could relate to the category. Well, we were hot, bored, and goofy, and we sucked, so we were giving clues.

The category was “Bugs and Insects,” and my brother and I were yelling out possible words while Jessica checked the right ones off - bee, ant, fly, mosquito, grasshopper, and the like. She gave us a clue: CATER… and I immediately screamed, “ACTS! CATERACTS!” They both stared at me in horror, and my brother says in this tiny voice, “you mean pillar?” and we burst into hysterical laughter. We laughed for fifteen minutes straight. I didn’t even know what the word was; I just knew my grandmother had it.

It makes me chuckle every time I remember that. What kind of moron can’t get “caterpillar” from Bugs and Insects: cater…?

I am truly horrible at Taboo…the extent of my clue-giving skills is “It’s a thing…that you use…it’s a thing…” I gave that up long ago.

Just a couple of weeks ago my roommate and I were playing Pictionary, and somebody was trying to draw “Punch”. They drew a face, and a fist coming towards it:

Guesser #1: Face!
Guesser #2: Crime!
Guesser #3: Face crime!

My parents used to think it was fun and educational for us kids to play charades with complicated clues, such as literary quotes and not-so-common sayings. One such night, they chose “Famous Historical Events” as the category, and my brother (about 15 at the time) picked “Hannibal crossing the alps”.

Unfortunately for him and his friend Ron, who was guessing, neither of them had ever heard of this event before. He got ‘Hannibal’, from cannibal, by pretending to gnaw on my Dad’s leg, but after that he was stuck. After about 5 minutes of very strange gesticulating, and pretending to climb the walls, the entire rest of my family was in hysterics as my brothers’ friend yelled “Hannibal mounting the fridge! Hannibal climbing on the television! Hannibal…”

This was probably 10 years ago, and they are still friends, and we still occasionally ask Ron (who in a fit of extreme irony became a history major) to tell us the story of Hannibal mounting the fridge.

Once I was playing pictionary with my husband an inlaws. It was my FIL’s turn to draw. He drew a little man with a star on his chest that appeared to be sitting in a scraggily tree. I don’t remember what all the guesses were but they had something to do with a sherrif. When the time was up, FIL was pissed off that nobody got his perfectly clear clues for…
Law man on the totem poll. :rolleyes:

I meant** totem pole** of course.:rolleyes:

This has to rank as the world’s best pictionary drawing-response:

I was in high school, playing with my friend and his parents, my friend as my partner. I pulled a particulary hard one, and set about to drawing it. I drew about a two inch straight line. My friend blurted out, “Richard Nixon”!

I put the pencil down. The answer was “Richard Nixon”.

My sister had to draw the word “period.” Having a twisted mind, she went for the biological meaning. Took her time and carefully drew a woman, complete with uterus leaking blood.

Nobody got it. (It really was a terrible drawing.)

When I saw the word she’d been trying to draw, I took the pencil away, made a horizontal squiggle with a big squiggle on the left end (to simulate handwriting and a capital letter), and drew a big dot at the end. Then I glared at her.

I was playing “Go To The Head Of The Class” with my family years ago. For those who don’t know, it’s a proto Trivial Pursuit type game. My sister, prolly about 10-12 at the time, got the question “Who discovered the Hudson River?” She didn’t know, so we tried to help her with a progression of similar questions.

“Who is burried in Grant’s tomb?” Grant
“What color is george Washington’s white horse?” White

Right. Now, who discovered the HUDSON River?

Her answer? “Grant White”.

We still tease her about it occasionally.

Not a response, but a drawing: A stick figure of indeterminate sex, with something resembling an oversized loaf of bread on its head.

After both teams had tried and failed to guess, the artist (my brother) revealed that it was supposed to be Queen Elizabeth. We’re not an artistic family, but is it that hard to give her a dress and a proper crown?