Stupid Q about changing size of pics saved on computer.

How the heck do I permanently change the size of the photo??? My cousin emailed a pic that was quite large. I had to use the “-” to view the entire image. I tried to “save as” and it’s still too big when I open it up.

Please help this computer illiterate Doper.

Just about any image editing program will do it. I use Irfanview. It’s a great little program and it’s free.

Nevermind… I finally figured it out. I feel like such a :wally

Thanks for replying, Reeder.

This kind of depends on what image viewing (/editing) software you have on your computer. I’ll give an answer with microsoft paint for windows XP, since that’s a good candidate.

Open up paint and load the pic. In the image menu, choose the stretch/skew command, and then enter a small percentage number for horizontal stretch and vertical stretch… say 30 (Use the same number for each or the picture’s aspect ratio will get distorted.)

Take a look at the results, undo and enter a different number if it seems too large or small. Then either save on top of the original picture file or use ‘save as’ to save the altered pic under a new name.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, chrisk. I got a bit frustrated with it, so I posted a thread… And then I figured it out. sigh. But thanks for helping out!

You’re welcome. It’s surprising just how much action you can miss on this board while composing even a quite short reply. :wink:

Open it in ie, it will autosize